Kanye West Finally Settles Paparazzi Assault Case

Yeezus is officially off the cross. Artist and the guy everyone loves to hate, Kanye West, has finally settled his assault case with his attack on a paparazzi.


The case dates back to 2013 when Mr. Yeezus himself gave up his holy ways and decided to lay the smack down on paparazzi guy Daniel Ramos at the LAX airport. Now, after all the community service and depositions, Kanye has finally settled his court case. As a part of the settlement deal, West and Ramos met for an awkward face-to-face and an apology was served from Kanye.


There is no reports of if or how much Kanye had to cash-out for the settlement, but we are almost sure Ramos got a pretty decent check…or at least his camera expenses paid for. Kanye successfully completed his community service hours by talking at various art and fashion classes. Kanye is currently on probation.

Brandon Jordan

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