Kanye West Reminds People That Kim Kardashian Has ‘Dated Broke Black Dudes’

Kanye West and humility in the same sentence? Help us all sweet Lawdddd!!!

Jokes aside, Kanye West joined the likes of Usher, BET head Debra Lee and his wife Kim Kardashian at this year’s BET Honors Award. The awards show honors excellence in people of color who make a difference whether it be music, humanitarian efforts or just working for the betterment of society.

On Jan. 24, West was honored with the Visionary Award by Damon Dash. The former Roc-A-Fella head, who actually dropped West from the label due to his “then” selfish ways, submitted the award with subliminal hits to add. Dash did an interview in the past where he talked about dropping West in addition to him not giving tracks to other artists in need:

I dropped Kanye a long time ago. People don’t know that. I took the chain right off of his neck. That’s the thing that no one talks about but I definitely dropped him.

Take a look at the picture below. Evidently, Dash is clearly missing a tooth. No comment though on that so moving on:

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West’s wife was a part of his speech covering racism and the fact that she dated “black broke dudes” prior to being involved with him. He also gave a “thank you” to Stephen Hil as well as acknowledging how “humbled” he felt for the first time in life.

View the highlights below:

On his marriage to Kim Kardashian and focusing on love rather than color:

It was interesting or groundbreaking and really special for me to see [Minister Louis Farrakhan]’s reaction and his expression about my relationship with the woman not of color. And for us to focus on the idea of love and not the idea of separation.

At the barbershop and everything, I used to hear people always talking about, ‘Man you know when an entertainer get on, of course you know he gon go and get a white girl and blah blah blah and a white girl gon get a rich black dude.’ But I wanna say that my wife has dated broke black dudes. It got nothing to do with the money.

He concluded:

It takes me back to a story that she told me where her father Robert Kardashian walked out, and on the side of his Bentley, they wrote, “N-gga Lover” Because Robert Kardashian was the genius that put together the defense team that got OJ [Simpson] off. She had never seen her father curse or get mad. He was the most laid back human being. And he went so crazy and tried to chase the people down.

And she’s sitting there crying and was like, ‘Dad, why you going so crazy?’ He said to her, ‘One day, you may have a black child…a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful black child…and it’s gonna be hard. You’re gonna see how hard it is.’ So true enough, we deal with racism because there are different races. Or the micro of it is that we focus on the different races as opposed to the macro, which is the human race.

On black men needing to be encouraged to have a better mindset than enslavement:

All they want to present to young black men is the idea of making it to the league or making it to be a rapper, but not the idea of becoming an owner. And they would do anything they can to make it seem like a truthful idea is a stupid idea or a crazy idea. Harriet Tubman said she could’ve freed so many more if they only knew they weren’t free.

So they don’t think that because we can afford this custom Balmain suit that we’re free. And don’t think that because we can buy a $300,000 car that we’re free. And don’t think because it’s three percent of a gated community has colored people in it, that we’re free. It’s the mentality – the slave mentality where we all eventually become slaves to that car, slaves to the perception, slaves to the idea of being cool.

Whether you like West or not, his talent is undeniable. What can draw “some” people off from him is his actions accompanied with his words. He could easily tread the line of a walking contradiction but hey, depending on who you ask—it can vary. West also talked about black expression and how Wayne Brady was positive example on vocalizing black’s influence. Brady served as the host of the awards ceremony.

Now the actual awards show was on Jan. 24 however; TV viewers can catch West’s speech, Usher and peformances when the BET Honors airs on Feb. 23.


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