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Khloe Kardashian Cosigns Tasteless Racist Meme

Khloe Kardashian has always been very outspoken. But her latest antic has enraged both twitter and Instagram, along with African Americans all over.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 7.36.23 PM“The only KKK to let black men in” Kardashian meme wasn’t created by Khloe however, she thought this was cute? She posted the offensive picture with  the caption, “true.” I think Khloe seriously thinks this is a joke! Had she posted the meme and said “whoever made this is disgusting and classless, etc.” then that would be fine. However, she agreed with it! Let’s not forget, the Kardashians are not considered “white” they’re Armenian. Now if someone made a meme mocking the Armenian Genocide (Read Here) it would be “so nasty and so rude.” I’m sure since Kanye has the whole family wearing grills and Yeezy’s, they think they have a black pass. I wouldn’t be surprised if they said the N-word around each other and laughed it off. Nothing about this is cute. It’s offensive!! The KKK has slaughtered so many African American people, simply for being black. The mere mention of the hateful organization still sparks feelings of rage, hurt and devastation. At a time where our Country is already in such racial turmoil, and where white police officers are walking around free everyday for killing our black men FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN BEING BLACK… It couldn’t be more inappropriate and if Khloe feels like we should be “over” it by now, she’s got another thing coming.

I don’t care if they date the entire Black Panthers Organization, stop covering up racist “jokes” with “I have black friends! I date black men! I’m not racist!” You’re looking funny in the light, Kokes.



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