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Kontrol Exclusive Interview: Sebastian Mikael

Kontrol Exclusive Interview: Sebastian Mikael

Written by Tiara Shae


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Sebastian Mikael, singer of the hit record “Last Night” featuring Wale, released his debut album “Speechless” on June 24th of this year. The album is a pleasant change from what is typically being released by artists today, which was Sebastian’s goal. “I want to make records that stick out for the time being. That’s how I feel about my whole album. Every single song sticks out from what’s trending right now.”  Sebastian’s album is designed for R&B lovers but still has a hint of hip hop influence with contributions from heavy hitters like Wale and Rick Ross. Listening to the album is like taking a few steps back into time. The tunes have a variety of old-school influences that are perfectly crafted to fit in with the current music era.  The very cool yet passionate singer with a seasoned musical soul chatted with Kontrol Mag to tell us about his music style, the experience of creating his new album, and tells us what it takes to catch his eyes and his heart.


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Sebastian describes his music style as soulful, instrumental, and lyrical. He shares with Kontrol that he is inspired by old-school music and appreciates the music eras before his time. “I want to embrace the older culture of R&B, like the old-school R&B from the 90s and even further back. I appreciate that music and I definitely try to infuse that with my own music.” Sebastian appreciates the timeless classics that older eras produced and hopes to do the same with his own albums. The humbled new artist is still wrapping his mind around the fact that his album is in-stores since he is used releasing music digitally. It’s an incredible feeling. It’s still sinking in! Every time I see a hard copy of my album I’m like ‘…I’ve got a hard copy!’”

The soulful Swedish native shares that the process of creating the album had its ups and down. It took a little over 2 years to get the album together and the experience was like a long roller coaster ride. “The part of the album, like when you start…it’s incredible. The part in the middle is terrible. Then the process of finishing the album, incredible. Then having to wait for the album to come out…terrible! It’s really like a roller coaster. You have so many different things to go through and you realize how there are a lot of ups and downs to overcome.” Having to be patient with the process made the artist second guess the whole idea of working so hard on the album, “I never had a release date for the album and it was like…why am I even doing this? Why am I putting so much work into this and [the album] is not even coming out?” Creating “Last Night” and being presented with the opportunity to work with Wale finally helped things get moving with the album. Having faith and knowing that huge artists like Kanye West and J Cole have been through the same situations that he experienced with his first album kept Sebastian motivated to continue with the creation his masterpiece.



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Sebastian shares with us a few of his favorite songs from his incredible new album “Speechless”: “4 U” featuring Rick Ross is one of his favorites and deems it a great summer hit. He and Rick Ross adore the summer feel of the tune. (We at Kontrol love it as well!). “Lose It” which is one of the most futuristic sounding songs on the whole album. “Made For Me” which is a refreshing acoustic infused song featuring a good friend of his, the beautiful Teyana Taylor.

Sebastian was very excited to nab such huge artists on his album. Rick Ross, Wale, and Teyana Taylor instantly fell in love with all the tunes that Sebastian had presented to them which was an incredible feeling for him.


Of course with being an attractive and talented singer and song writer, adoring fans are dying to know what it takes to have an incredible writer like Sebastian be inspired to write a song about them!  Ladies, here is what it takes to win over Sebastian Mikael:

Physical Attraction: “She looks good. That’s the first sign that I’m attracted to the girl. She gotta look bad.” (In the good way of course).

Intelligence: “I’ve gotta see if she has a brain on her. If she doesn’t have a brain, I’m good. If she does have a brain, then we can have fun.”

Conversation: “We’ve got to be able to hold a conversation. I have a better time with someone I can actually talk to.”

Here’s what NOT to do if you plan on winning over Sebastian: boring conversation will be a buzz kill on a date with Sebastian. Having a fake personality is something he really isn’t into. A major turn off is being that girl at the club who is always trashed and wasted! To be Sebastian’s girl, you have to know how to hold your liquor!

Sebastian Mikael has a very bright career ahead. His album “Speechless” is very impressive and you won’t get tired of listening to it. He is currently on a promo tour with Rick Ross and is mainly focused on sharing his new music and is already working on album number two! To keep up with the rising star, follow him on Twitter and Instagram (@SebastianMikael) and stay tuned for more greatness to come.


Connect with the writer: Instagram – @TiaraShae | Twitter – @TiaraShaeH


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