Kontrol Magazine Presents FITCA 2015…Atlanta’s Premiere Fashion Weekend

As the premier event for Atlanta, Fashion In The City will be deemed the Official Atlanta Fashion Weekend. FITCA 2015 is set to be the most influential fashion event  this season. An elegant opening reception for VIPs and Media kicks off the three-day event of runway shows, product launches,red carpet arrivals, gifting suites, performances, and designer showcases.

This year we kick things up a notch with FITCA 2015. The fashion scene of Atlanta will be transformed by our innovative shows and experiences of key players in the fashion industry. Fashion In The City of Atlanta embodies the diverse culture of Atlanta and offers designers a world-class platform to showcase their collections.

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This year we move FITCA from buckhead to downtown Atlanta. The M Rich Building will serve as the ultimate fashion hub. “Atlanta, as the great melting pot, is reflected in the microcosm of downtown with its wildly diverse group of neighborhoods. Atlanta’ downtown redevelopment continues to transform the city’s core from a “nine-to-five” corporate borough to a hip, vibrant destination for trendsetters, creatives and urban dwellers, redefining the way Atlaintians live … downtown. With this renaissance, comes a thriving community of commerce populated by chic new restaurants, boutiques, galleries and showrooms frequented by affluent, loft-living residents in pursuit of the latest culinary, fashion, cultural, and design trends.

FITCA Kicks off August 13-16th

For more information regarding FITCA please email us at KontrolmagFITC@gmail.com

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