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Eyebrows are always at the center of attention when creating a look. It’s important to know eyebrow shapes, depth, and dimension for a flawless look. You don’t have to fill in your brows to get a flawless look. A simple pluck or wax can lead you to slay and complete your makeup look. There are several different ways to clean up your brows by plucking, waxing, and threading. If you want to give yourself an exotic look or to fill in any sparse areas. There are several ways through the use of a pomade, powder, pencil, gel and/or wax.

Cara Delevingne model eyebrows
Courtesy: Cara Delevingne

Anastasia Beverly Hills products are great for eyebrows.


Perfect eye brow chart

1. Tweezers/Plucking


Tweezers are great to use for stray areas and rapid hair growth. Sometimes it can be painful but the tweezers help get individual strands to clean up your brows. This can be used every day you see a stubborn hair.

2. Waxing

Waxing is a great alternative for cleaning up your brows. Waxing can last up to two weeks without having to clean up daily. It’s important to make sure your skin can take waxing due to the chemicals and heat being used.

3. Threading

This method of hair removal helps for the most precise look. It started from Asia and became very popular in the U.S the last ten years. This method is great for a longer lasting brow.

With any step, you take with your brows. It’s important to know where your brows should begin and end. Your beginning should be outside of your nostril and draw a line up. Your ending should from the outside of your nostril to the corner of your eye


Eyebrow Fill in Chart
Courtesy: Cosmetic Tutorial

Some of the best products to fill in brows are pomade, powder, pencil, gel and/or wax. Many brands cater to eyebrows but a brand in particular everyone loves is Anastasia Beverly Hills. This award-winning company provides all products we named and can help you slay your look.


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