#KontrolReads What is Love? by Demiere Lee

book coverBest friends since high school, Rhonda, Karen, and Patrice are now in their mid-30s and early 40s, at a crossroads in their relationships with the men in their lives, causing them to question what if they weren’t meant to participate in long-lasting relationships or do they have what it takes to live up to being a wife. Through their stories, they realize that all of their decision making and communication with their partners boil down to one question: What Is Love?

In his debut novel, Demiere Lee captivates the minds and hearts of readers entertaining them through humor, wisdom, and offering his psychological perspective on what it means to be joined together. What Is Love? is a must-read for anyone who has ever been in multiple relationships that don’t lead to marriage, in relationships where the basis is sex and not intimacy, and if the spouse if causing to question whether their marriage is worth holding on to.
Sensual, empowering, and uplifting with elements of epigrammatic storytelling and wise aphorisms, readers will come to love Rhonda, Karen, and Patrice and hold them in a special place in their hearts.


djDemiere Lee is a native Floridian (he’s from St. Petersburg and was raised in Orlando). A published poet with the American Library of Poetry, he’s always had a love for writing in the creative form. He says of writing, “It’s my natural high. I love creating another world, developing characters, and drama that transports my imagination to another level.” A sequel to What is Love? and a stand-alone novel are in the works within the year.

When he’s not writing, Lee takes on an active role in both his church and school and in his spare time is a zealous reader. He  currently resides in Waynesboro, Georgia. What is Love? is his debut novel.

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