About Last Night…

Kevin Hart has really been excelling on the big screen! He was a feisty slick talking promoter in “Grudge Match”, a nerdy but persistent pre police academy cadet in “Ride Along” with Ice Cube and we can expect a Casanova type attitude in his upcoming film “About Last Night”! In this movie there are four characters of which become involved sexual relationship.

In the movie, “About Last Night”, you have the first couple who are not in a committed relationship; however they seem to be in a consistent sexual situation. The second couple is friends of the first couple and is set up on double date. From the previews of this film it appears the couple number two has changed the roles and is no longer the students. They fall in love with each other and seem to want to convert their friends to the love side. The things that are being illustrated are everyday real life situations that can be applied to many of the lives of their viewers.

The one thing that is common about all of these films is that they all involve the self-proclaimed “Comedic Rock star”. Anytime Kevin Hart is involved, you can expect great laughs and to be taken on a trip down memory lane where he is allowing you to laugh at his pain.

So how many times have you had an amazing night with someone and woke up to draft a text saying… “About last night”? Was it because you felt as if you moved too fast and wanted to gauge the other persons feelings, or was it because the night was horrible and you want to find the perfect transition to run away and never look back. I am so excited to see this movie and other films involving Kevin Hart because you are most always guaranteed an amazing time and total laughter.


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