Let The Games Begin by Laquita Cameron #KontrolReads

The games being played surrounding the death of Zipp Richards, son of Memphis Police Officer Nate, lead to a deadly revengeful plot of his twin sister Jazmina doing whatever she can to make those involved suffer. Porter and Troy are local drug dealers of Memphis, who end up fleeing to Chicago, Illinois to start another life and build a rich empire of drugs, guns and money. The scandalous affairs of Yvette with Troy, lead her down a dangerous path with a psychotic drug abuser. While Monae is left to pick up the pieces of her life, she deals with Porter’s cheating ways and inability to settle down with her. The characters try to stay alive while scheming and betraying one another. The shocking twists and turns from each character’s life keeps the reader in suspense of who will survive the deadly games being played.

Conversations with the author:

1.       What inspired you to write?

I was inspired to write based on my growing up being an avid reader. I would even sneak and read my grandmother’s romance novels. It didn’t matter the race who wrote the book as long as it was a good read, which always interested me in writing but I never got the courage to write until recently this year. I am inspired by those writers who show their love for writing in their works they publish.

2.       What writers inspired you to write? And would you be interested in collaborating with them?

My mentor Michele Fletcher of Charge It To The Game, Kwan, Ashley and Jaquavis, Nikki Turner as well as Sister Soldier. Yes, Of course I would love to collaborate with either of them!

3.       What genre is your favorite genre?

My favorite genre is romance and that goes for reading and writing genres.

4.       Can you tell us about the main character(s)?

Jazmina, the revenge enraged sister of the victim killed by Porter and his gang.

Porter Tatum aka Mack P, who is a Gangster from the streets selling drugs while running a nightclub in Chicago.

Troy MacGhee, is Porter’s club manager and childhood friend to Porter.

Monae Pinkins, the girlfriend of Porter and bartender for Porter’s club.

Yvette Brown, is Monae’s best friend working as a cocktail waitress for Porter’s club.

Deon is a local corner drug dealer for Porter and is also Yvette’s boyfriend

5.       What is your least favorite part of writing this current project?

My least favorite part about writing this current project was trying to determine which characters to leave alive for the next part of the series.

6.       If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters?

Monae- Megan Good

Yvette- Tasha Smith

Troy- Idris Elba

Porter- Michael Jai White

Jazmina- Lisa Ray

7.       Where did you get your ideas from for your books?

My ideas comes naturally when I write. Once I depict the character’s personalities, the ideas to either bring drama or action to certain scenes just sort of fall in place for me.


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