LeToya Luckett Exclusive Interview: Takes Her Career in Kontrol From Being “On The Rough”

With a career that has been running for more than ten plus years, LeToya Luckett, makes it look easy juggling multiple hats at once. Recently, we played catch up with the starlet discussing her upcoming movie, On The Rough, hitting select theaters Friday, April 25, 2104 staring herself and Taraji P. Henson. Although, the film was originally taped back in 2010 while the late Michael Clark Duncan was alive it still holds the essence of truth and inspiration. Coach Cassandra Turner (Coach Starks) is the inspiration behind the film that was able to lead an all male Division 1 golf team to victory. She holds the title as the first and only African American woman whose been able to attain such an accomplishment. Luckett took the time to fill us in on everything including her web series, upcoming music, future acting roles, and her fate with Single Ladies.


This particular role alongside Taraji P. Hensosn has her embodying a student who’s “Torn” between a rock and a hard place. Her character Stacey attends Tennessee State University and slowly falls in love with one of the coach’s international golfers, played by Tom Felton (from Harry Potter). On the other hand Stacey also adores and looks up to her, but attempts to with hold such information from the coach. Throughout the movie the audience can expect to see the struggle of how one woman (Coach Starks) was able to obtain her team with an undeniable resilience to succeed.


As for this busy woman by the name of LeToya Luckett there is no stopping or slowing her down. After two successful albums this Grammy Award winning singer is taking no prisoners on her ride to evolution. Her amazing and must see YouTube web series properly entitled, “Life, L<3, & Music” the very private songstress allows fans into her life which is nothing short of addicting. Her hectic schedule hosting The Culture List on Centric, playing Felecia on Single Ladies, developing a new artistic sound, witnessing her battles of love and life itself– viewers are able to discover that this southern girl is just like us.

We took the time to discuss a dear friend in her life who picked her up from one of her lowest points on Wendy’s line. By the way this friend is no other then MUA, AJ Crimson. She stated, “He brought me to New York and I slept on his couch for two weeks. Chile. When I tell you two weeks on that couch will change anybody’s life, and it did.” Ironically, AJ was patting her nose the same time as our interview. He was also the brains behind one of her pervious videos placing together a new treatment and encouraging Luckett to continue to push forward for all her dreams and desires. Sounds like we all need a friend like AJ! Luckett, “I’m blessed to have a person like him in my life.”

a-j-crimson-letoya-luckett Letoya_Luckett

Musically, Luckett has decided to shed the protective shield from her audience. She explains, “I’m opening up and being vulnerable. You can’t put a leash on your creativity and I felt like I did that, especially with the last album. This album I’m unlocking these chains honey!” Luckett has reportedly recorded 20 songs and wired down to 7 that have made the album. Her excitement for the new project, “Until Then” is nothing short of thrilling with not only a story to tell, but one to be heard. Looks like many of us are already anticipating to press play.


The self-titled, “observer” who played Felicia on Single Ladies isn’t gone forever since the audience has grown to love the character so much. Her performance on the show as the villain certainly has come across as convincing and proves her acting chops. Soon expect to see her in the role of Ronnie in the upcoming film, Made in Heaven. Yes, this girl knows how to work and won’t be stopped. In the meantime save the date for April 25, 2014 and be inspired by On The Rough.


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