Let’s Hear It for The Girls! Five Super-Heroine Movies We Are Dying to see!

Superheroes have invaded movies and television alone. There a total of ten current and coming series between Marvel and DC Comics alone. Still, unless you’re Supergirl none of them have a female lead. Women seem to still be relegated to the supporting actor or partner aspect of heroism. Just think about. Black Widow still does not have a stand alone and they do not plan on putting one in the works anytime soon, a Ms. Marvel movie is still a rumor, and sorry but Wonder Woman is still searching for a director. Why is this so hard to go with the girl power movement and give everyone what they want–bad ass, beautiful women who save the world!? According to an excuse, based on the failure of movies like Elektra and Catwomanaudiences do not like female superheroes. They are wrong! Fans do not like interpretations of their characters that do not remotely resemble their source material. Nevertheless here are five female superheroes that deserve their own television/movie ASAP!


#5. Mockingbird- Mockingbird is like Marvel’s answer to Black Canary, minus the Canary Cry. She is bad ass and can fight like hell. Did we mention she is also an Avenger and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent? She also has a long history with Hawkeye, and for awhile was his wife. Still, Mockingbird and her battle staves are poetry in motion. All girls can benefit from seeing a seemingly powerless woman take on gods, monsters, and super villains!


#4. Storm- Is it just me or does every X-Men movie seem to be a repackaged Wolverine movie. Sorry guys, but Wolvie is not the only mutant who can save the day, nor is he the most bad ass. Especially when you compare him to Storm who cannot only control the weather, but has untapped magical power, is an excellent combatant, and has led the X-Men on multiple ocassions. Storm’s backstory would make an awesome origins movie. From a pickpocket to a goddess, to a superhero and queen. Storm has experienced it all and her story deserves to be told.

power girl

#3. Power Girl- Just because you are Superman’s female cousin, does not mean you have to be Supergirl. Enter Karen Starr, the “Supergirl” of Earth-2. Determined not to live in her cousin’s shadow, she took her own identity, and costume to become a champion of her adopted world. Then there’s her physique. She never afraid to show she is well endowed. Why should she?


#2. Katana- Katana’s tale is tragic. Her family was killed by a former lover and her Soul Taker sword is her only means of communication with them. Katana is downright deadly, but strong. Her will and ingenuity has earned her the admiration of Batman and her native country of Japan. Sometimes the only justice you will receive after being wronged is the kind you find for yourself. Yep, Katana will teach you that!

misty knight

#1. Misty Knight- Misty is definitely one of Marvel’s more obscure characters and that is a shame. Misty was a cop who prevented a bombing, but lost her arm in the process. She resigned from the force, but Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man provided her with a cybernetic arm made of Antartic vibranium and diamond. At close range it can liquify any metal–even adamantium (Wolverine’s skeletal system)! Besides being a martial artist, detective, and bad ass crime fighter she is also a businesswoman, cooridinating Heroes for Hire. Misty may make an appearance in Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix. Here’s hoping!

What super-heroine would like to see a movie of? Comment below!

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