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Levi Harrell: Motivator on a Mission

Levi Harrell: Motivator on a Mission

By Tiara Shae

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Award winning motivational speaker, Levi Harrell is a very gifted man that inspires everyone he comes across. Levi Harrell is a public speaker and an author that is always on a mission to educate and enhance lives. Levi Harrell has hosted several successful motivational seminars and is preparing to take his inspirational speeches on tour. Kontrol had the awesome opportunity to sit down with the rising motivational speaker to talk about achieving dreams, Levi’s upcoming book projects, and what motivates the motivator.

Levi Harrell’s goal with motivational speaking is simple, but powerful. “Ultimately, I just like to empower people to achieve whatever it is in life that they desire to achieve.” What inspired Levi to become a motivational speaker was the lack of motivators in his own life growing up. “I don’t have a father in my life, so I lack a lot of motivational people to empower me. Since I never had it, I want to be that to those that also never had it. So, again, I just want to help people get what I didn’t get. That’s what I’m doing…and I love it.” Levi tells us about one of his successful speaking engagements with college graduates. “I was just telling them to achieve their purpose. It’s called ‘The Purpose Principle’ and I’m telling them about how to find their purpose and once you find your purpose, it helps eliminate you from certain people because we can’t walk together unless we agree. It separates you and it pushes you where you need to be.”

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Levi Harrell has had three successful seminars titled: “Young Sir: The Advancement Seminar”, “Bruised but Not Broken: The Empowerment Conference” which is getting ready to go on tour in Florida and South Carolina, and the powerful seminar “I Survived the Death Sentence: The Empowerment Conference.” The inspiration behind this extremely life changing seminar hits Levi very close to home. Levi’s mother was involved in a very dangerous car accident that he says she shouldn’t have survived. “She was in a car accident and flew over a hill. There was a metal transformer that was bolted to the ground and she hit it! Really she should’ve died, the car should’ve blown up and the transformer should’ve blown up, but somehow (which I can only say God) somehow the transformer actually lifted up and moved over. The transformer was bolted to cement so how does it just lift up and move over? So, she survived the death sentence. If you survived, you did for a reason. You are here for a reason. Your work on this earth isn’t finished yet. So we have to figure out what that work is. Your living is not in vain, so let’s figure it out. Let’s figure out what you need to do because you’re here.”

In addition to being a rising motivational speaker, Levi Harrell is working his way on becoming a bestselling author as well. The motivator is working on three books at once! Levi shares exclusively with Kontrol the titles of the developing books and the plots behind them. “Young Sir: Principles For Advancement” is written to empower young men to go after their purpose, to find their purpose in life. The other is called “Writing My Way Out The Poetic Form”. “It’s my life through poems. The journey is broken into three stages:  1. Not knowing who I am 2. Encounters that lead me to discover who I am. 3. Poem affirmations that motivate me to stay true to who I am.” The last book he shares with us is “#TheMedium.” “…a whole different level” the writer explains.  Levi decides to hold on to the details about “The Medium” but the name alone is already sounds like something phenomenal that is in the works.

Levi Harrell has a few words of wisdom for Kontrol readers, “Be authentic, remain humble at all times, and pray/meditate. You have to keep up with the communication with God so you can always be lead in the direction you need to go.”

Reach out to Levi Harrell by following him on Instagram: @LeviHarrell, twitter: @LeviWHarrell, facebook: www.facebook.com/LeviHarrell and stay tuned for his website coming out soon, LeviHarrell.com. You can also shoot him an email to LeviHarrellEnt@gmail.com.


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