Liam Neeson “Kills” The Scene in “Run All Night!”

Liam Neeson is back and using his “special set of skills” to take down a friend turned enemy in Run All Night! This time around he is on the other side of the law as professional hitman, Jimmy Conlon; hated by everyone in his life, including his son, Michael (Joel Kinnaman). Although he has retired from the life of a hired gun, he is haunted by the lives he has ended and families he has destroyed. He is unwittingly forced to take on his best friend and former boss, Shawn (Ed Harris), when Shawn’s son tries to kill Michael. A manhunt ensues, and it is hitman vs. crime lord as Jimmy and Michael are forced to run throughout New York City to keep their family safe and stay alive!



Needless to say Liam Neeson is bad ass! Every single action scene of this film was amazing! For a man in his early sixties he is quite the action star. You might think this is another Taken film but you would be wrong. Jimmy Conlon and Bryan Mills are too very different characters. Whereas you cheered on Bryan as he rescued his wife and daughter, you may find yourself with very mixed feelings about Jimmy. Some of the things he has done are unforgivable. A surprising star in the film is rapper, Common. I will not give too much away, but I will say if Will Smith does not work out in Suicide Squad as Deadshot; Common would be an awesome replacement. Be sure you check this action packed movie out this weekend! I promise you will not regret it! Check out the amazing trailer below!


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