Lisa Nicole Cloud Of Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine’ Gets Fashionable For Haiti

If I’m blessing to other people, I’ll be blessed.” Lisa Nicole Cloud

“Married to Medicine” stars Lisa Nicole Cloud and her doctor husband Darren Naugles can put on a good show for a one great cause.

Last night (May 31) at New York’s Broad Street Ballroom, “Fashion for a Cause” helped to educate people and bring awareness to Haiti and the deficits hospitals face from not having a surplus of medical supplies.

Things such as incubators, ventilators and other vital components are greatly needed to help the functionality of Haiti hospitals. According to the Human Development Index, Haiti is one of the poorest countries in America and needs continuous rehabilitation in its healthcare system.

Add a good cause to some great music, fashion and a cool ambiance for a social setting? You got one heck of night of education and good time?

Did we mention just how many Beyoncé and Rihanna fans were in attendance for the “not so silent auction?” Starting at a modest $300 dollars, one Haitian American wasted no time dropping close to $1,200 on some Beyoncé memorabilia. Proceeds, of course, went to funding cause for Haiti.

The Haiti national anthem, La Dessalinienne, was sung beautifully and the fashion that followed gave women and men a taste of the Lisa Nicole Collection. For the women – Ms. Nicole Cloud had bold and vibrant colors ranging from orange, yellow, fuchsia and nice lace details for women of all shapes.

IMG_2049 IMG_2050 IMG_2052 IMG_2059 IMG_2063 IMG_2064 IMG_2065 IMG_2070IMG_2056

As for the men, the collection offered nice suits and bit of European feel to a relaxed look with urban textures.

IMG_2076 IMG_2078 IMG_2080 IMG_2082 IMG_2084

Kontrol’s NY team got a chance to speak with Lisa Nicole herself and asked her about the significance behind partnering up with Haiti:

Was the motivating cause behind teaming with Haiti and being a part of the medical mission and its supplication?

You know I really do believe that God orders your steps and brings people into your life that connects you. My husband wanted to do international mission so I just started to put my fillers out to figure out what country we were going to focus on and all roads kept leading back to Haiti. I just felt like my path was taking me to Haiti. Initially, I thought we were just going to take a team of doctors and do some cases and I thought – that’s great. Once I saw what the hospitals needed in terms of technology [incubators, respirators, and ventilators] then my vision got bigger. Not only did I want to do cases over there and educate and train medical professionals, I wanted to get equipment and technology over there.

Will Haiti be the only country  affiliated for the international missions?

Every other year we will be doing an international mission. Starting after this year, we will focus on another country but as of now – our focus is 100% on Haiti. I want to leave my fingerprint and footprint around the world and make a difference.

For more on how you can help Haiti and its residents through donations, click here. Fans can catch the articulate designer and business woman alongside her cast-mates on June 7 when “Married To Medicine” returns to Bravo TV.

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