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Love, Family, & Business–There’s Never a Dull Moment for “Married to Medicine’s” Lisa Nicole Cloud!

Atlanta, the Jewel of The South, is becoming the new entertainment capital of the world. Television and movies are choosing the city due to its more temperate climates and cheaper production rates, in comparison to heavyweight cities like Los Angeles and New York City. Indeed, Atlanta is now one of the most happening places in the country, thus there’s no wonder it has produced a slew of reality series. Whether it’s VH-1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle or Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine you have watched and become hooked on at least one of these shows. These series have produced a number of reality stars, some so ratchet they should be poster children for people with the most mugshots.


 Still others have striven to make the reality television genre more positive. One of them, Lisa Nicole Cloud strives to be the best, and do the best by others. “…I came into this thing to be different…to show that there are some people who can come into these situations and actually do some considerable good with their platform…” Lisa Nicole is a poster child in her own right symbolizing class, poise, and being well put together. This wife, mother of two, and businesswoman is determined to let the world know they should not believe any of what they hear and only half of what you see. You think you know all about Mrs. Cloud and her recent story, but there are two sides to every story!


As you know Lisa Nicole is one of the stars of Bravo’s hit series, Married to Medicine. There, she is figuratively “Married to Medicine,” being the wife to Dr. Darren Naugles. She came onto the show last season, being more of a positive balance to some of the show’s more contentious ladies and their rivalries. Many assumed she was mousy and out of place among the hijinks, even questioning what excitement she brought to the show. She admits, like so many other reality stars, that filming her first season was a learning process. “…I knew what the show was about before I came on it…I’m a businesswoman I research any deal before I sign on and I knew what I was getting myself into…Here I was in a situation with a group of women I hadn’t known very long and in a new experience…I was still feeling out where I fell on the show as well as letting the audience get to know me…”
Some of her most memorable moments in the first season center on her businesses, daughter’s birthday party, and her Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN) convention. “Part of the reason I agreed to do reality television is because I knew it would be an excellent platform for my businesses and the empowering messages I wanted to give to other women…The WEN is an excellent opportunity for women of all walks to meet, get motivated, and expand their circle… I always tell people if you’re the most successful person in your circle then it’s time you expand your circle; and that you’re only as successful as the people you spend the most time with. Just think about it, the people you spend the most time with are an excellent indicator of who you are and where you’re going in life…”

quad-lisa-promo hey mikey atl
Lisa Nicole definitely seemed to still be in good company when she steered clear of last season’s drama. However, her second season has been a completely different story as she seems to be engulfed in the antics of the latest season of Married to Medicine. As you already know, her feud with cast mate, Quad Webb-Lunceford, has seemingly reached a fever pitch! Lisa Nicole alleges she did a background check on her before they embarked on business together as an investor for Quad’s dog clothing company, Picture Perfect Pup. “The background check I did was the same one I do with anyone I go into business with…it’s standard practice for me and there was no malice involved…”

Mrs. Cloud-Naugles may have meant well, but Quad definitely took it as a personal attack and refutes Lisa Nicole’s claim that they were ever about to go into business together. “Why would I just decide to a random background check on her? She [Quad] and I definitely had conversations about me investing in her puppy couture line and she also came to me for advice concerning her business…it definitely makes sense that she would since I am a businesswoman and I’m always happy to help empower another woman…Her initial investor pulled out last year and she was in need of a new one. Also, the type of people in my circle and my clients are the ones who can actually afford to do things like that for their pets…couture clothing isn’t something the average person indulges in…”


What seemed to be a misunderstanding between two women who had a budding friendship seems to have gone horribly awry when they finally talked one on one. Based on what the show aired it seemed as if Lisa Nicole was the aggressor when she tossed a drink Quad’s face! “The thing about reality television is they take hours and hours of footage and then edit it down to a fraction of that and put it on television…I tried to end this whole conflict with Quad before we even began shooting this season, and everything seemed fine. Then when I saw her at Toya [Bush-Harris] and Eugene’s party she just asked liked she didn’t want to have anything to do with me…At the table when met to try and fix everything again, what you don’t know is that piece of paper she [Quad] was holding contained information that came from my personal computer…someone in my employment had passed along information to her and that is how she got all of that…the background check she did to get back to me didn’t amount to much. Yes, my husband and I have had our problems and we’ve been very transparent about all of it…I definitely regret how things went down, but I’m only human and when you come for my marriage and my family you really push a button…” Quad claims she did not retaliate against Lisa Nicole physically after being doused, but the latter weaves an entirely different story. “If you notice you see that I fell backwards to the ground during the fight. It’s not because I slipped, but there was a well-placed punch that sent me backwards…she claims she is going to sue, but if she did there would be repercussions for both of us…we were both out of line. Quad capitalizes off remaining relevant through conflict. If you notice each season it’s someone new. First it was Toya, then it was Mariah, and now it’s me. I just didn’t know I was the target this season…”

Darren Naugles and Lisa Nicole Cloud

Unfortunately, the drama does not stop there for Lisa Nicole as rumors questioning her husband’s sexuality have run rampant through the streets of Atlanta and the blogs. There are allegations that Darren has been having an affair with another man! Interestingly, these rumors have no effect on this pretty lady. In fact, she remains unbothered. “I am well aware of what they have been saying about my husband…what people don’t realize is the guy telling these lies is involved with the former employee I suspect of leaking information to Quad…my husband knows who he is and I’m not oblivious to anything. He isn’t bothered by these rumors at all…just the other day one of the producers commented on how well he dealing with all of this…people love to hear and spread gossip no matter how false or malicious it may be.”

Lisa-Nichole-and-Children Lisa-Nicole-Kids

In the world of reality television drama is like air, but thankfully Lisa Nicole is ready to move past the shenanigans of this season and focus on her family, businesses, and the business ventures of her children, Darren Jr. (DJ) and Amira. “On a regular day I’m at my store or working on one of my businesses. Beyond that I’m a wife and mother .One of the things I am passionate about is my children forming their own brands and teaching them about business. ..DJ is into cooking and becoming a chef. He has his own cookbook coming out. Amira has a tea set, doll line, and her own book as well…” In addition to maintaining and growing her empire, this Belle of Business is touring, spreading her message of empowerment for women.
Life is never easy and when it plays out in front of a camera all too often you can become a victim of editing. As you can see Lisa Nicole is too busy to be bothered with the nonsense. She states “… if I had it to do over again I never would have done a background check on her…it just wasn’t worth all of this…” Married to Medicine is an awesome show and they are lucky to have someone as classy and sophisticated as Lisa Nicole Cloud. She is a woman with many hats, but she wears them all beautifully and efficiently. You can catch Lisa Nicole every Sunday on Married to Medicine, check your local listings for show times and follow her on Twitter/Instagram @lisanicolecloud.


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