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Which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cast-mate Is Being Accused Of Soulja Boy & Nia Riley’s Sudden Split?

Which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cast-mate Is Being Accused Of Soulja Boy & Nia Riley’s Sudden Split?

SouljaBoy_LHHHLove & Hip Hop Hollywood is quickly becoming the most drama filled, shade throwing, mess exposing season thus far! Every Monday it’s something new, and with this cast, most of the tea is spilled OFF camera! Soulja Boy took to twitter to go on a loyalty rant, and ended with blaming Morgan Hardman, Ray J’s assistant, as his reason.

Soulja Boy started his rant saying all he wants is a girl that’s loyal and there for him. Then he went on to say “if you’re not gonna be around why even be in a relationship” and “no matter how much you do for a person it’s never enough”. Sounds to me like he’s throwing a tantrum because Nia, who has a baby, can’t follow him around like he’s used to. I mean the woman is a mother! And as far as loyalty, I’ve never seen a more loyal girlfriend of his. This is coming from the man who was on the season premier of LHH Hollywood as Nia’s man… AND on Sisterhood of Hip Hop, as Diamond’s man. The shows premiered the same week. We’ve watched SB blow Nia’s feelings off on the show also. She got ambushed at a radio interview when photos of him and his ex, Karrine Stefans laid up, hit IG. When she confronted him, he overreacted (like most cheaters do) and told her he was going back in the studio.  This is also not the first time he’s gone off on Twitter either, and later deleted tweets. He did so when he and Diamond fell out. Dude really needs a PR rep.

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The phone number he posted, wasn’t even his. It was Nia’s!! How petty can one man be?

IMG_2826Nia responded with a rant of her own, defending Morgan and saying she hadn’t broken them up and was only being a friend. (I don’t know why all these girls on the show consider Morgan a friend but that’s none of my business.) She stated that she doesn’t chase anything but her daughter and her tequila and that she is Kam’s mom before anything else. Then she said “I’m not bout to bash anyone I care about.” Nia is the daughter of Teddy Riley, I’m sure she isn’t with Soulja Boy for his money, and she seems to really care for him.

Morgan, of course, laid all the tea out on the timeline. She went off on Soulja Boy, calling him crazy and saying she was simply baby-sitting for Nia and needed her to pick Kam up before 6:00 in the morning. This must of put a damper on his plans to stay out all night and lead to an argument. She apologized to Nia, saying “he’s wack for that, my bad ya’ll had to end your night early because my kid comes 1st”. Morgan is also a mother and her son’s day starts early, 6:30AM to be exact. Understandable.

What I don’t understand is the need to tweet this kind of stuff. Doesn’t everyone have each other’s number? It’s entertaining for us, and the show, but it makes everyone look bad. Morgan is already gaining a bad rep for being messy on the show. Ray J blames her for the Teairra-Princess fight, Nikki blames her for the Masika set up and for being shady when she showed the girls her before-surgery pictures. Ray J fired her on last week’s episode, because she wasn’t being loyal, and for her mess. Soulja Boy & Nia will probably be back to Instagram bliss by tomorrow, he’s already apologized to Morgan.


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