MAJOR. Gets Honest With Kontrol


MAJOR.’s breakout single “Why I Love You” has made a cultural impact since its release. Co-produced with Harmony Samuels, it has become one of the top wedding songs of all times. Even legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder and Patti LaBelle agree. With more than 40 million streams, it would be hard to consider it anything less than a hit.

It’s as if MAJOR. gave love a new voice. The song has played as couples got engaged. Grooms have included the lyrics in wedding vows. Brides have used the words to express their love.

MAJOR. sings from his heart. The emotion transcends through his words and his sound, so it’s easy to see why so many connect with his music. In his words, “If you put God and love in it, love has to come out.”

So how does MAJOR. follow this type of success? He plans to release his upcoming album, Even More, later this spring. The first single “Honest” has already reached No. 5 on the Urban Adult Contemporary charts. When speaking about the song title,

MAJOR. says, ”Just be honest, whatever it is. Tell the truth no matter what. It’s too hard to lie. Once you start, you have to keep doing it. Also, you have to remember the lie. Nobody has time for that.”

It’s often said that music is a reflection of life. If that’s true, MAJOR. is giving us life, and not just with ballads. On Even More, he picks up the tempo with songs like “Better With You In It.”

Following the album release, MAJOR. is set to take the stage at this year’s Essence Festival. Additional tour dates are forthcoming. He has accomplished a lot so far, but with a name like MAJOR., why would you expect anything less?