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Encouraging A Making Of A Mogul Mindset

Encouraging A Making Of A Mogul Mindset

The personal experiences that we have in life are the very things that allow us to tap into our purpose. When we use what we have learned and do our part to share it with the world, we are helping others to find the pieces they may have been missing as well. Being confident in who you are and what you are capable of are the key ingredients to living with good mental health. Part of what makes the world go round is having visionaries that use their creativity to expose the world to new possibilities. That’s exactly what a show by the name of “The Making of a Mogul” created by Michael Djaba of Ifactorylive is doing for the world. We asked Michael:

Michael Djaba creator of Making of A Mogul

What was your motivation behind creating “The Making of a Mogul?” Was there a specific person who helped inspire/define what a mogul is to you?

Answer: I created Making Of A Mogul because I wasn’t seeing enough entrepreneur stories on screen that reflected my reality. I wanted to help change that narrative so I did. I self-financed the first season, sold it and had it broadcast in over 46 countries primetime and as they say the rest is history. The first mogul in my life would be my Dad.

Making of A Mogul hosted by Tanya Sam, highlights the livelihood of entrepreneurs to define and outline the hard work that it takes to be identified as a mogul. The show introduces the world to people with different trades and allows the audience an opportunity to understand the inner workings of their successful ventures. The show helps give viewers hope and a taste of an insatiable urge to climb to higher heights and push through the difficult challenges that we all face. We asked: What do you do to push past the trials/negativity you may experience while trying to create?

Answer: I’m a praying man and my faith is important to me, my morning and midnight prayers keep me focused

Michael understands that in order to succeed, you have to have a level of faith that sustains through difficult times. That faith helps develop the mental strength needed in adversity to believe in your fullest capabilities. We asked:

What did you look for when selecting candidates to represent “the Making of A Mogul? Any Favorites? Who and Why?


Answer: Integrity of the entrepreneur along with scope and scale of their business. Also their inspiring story which led to the creation of the business. This series’ candidates collectively turn over over 500 million US dollars annually. As for any favorites, let’s have the viewers decide. 

I am a firm believer that stories, like the ones Michael has captured in Making of a Mogul, help us create opportunity for innovation. The challenges that we face are needed to help us discover how we can each contribute to the evolution of our economy. The world constantly changes because we all use our personal experiences to discover how we can make the world a better place. When we tap into that discovery and take action toward making it our reality, we develop confidence, fulfillment, and meaning for our lives. We asked: Can you describe your thoughts or what you felt while watching your vision come together? What does it mean to you and why?

Answer: Extremely gratifying and blessed seeing a series I created 9 years ago and has been on air for that long internationally going strong. Being adapted for an American market with my partners Cynthia N Stephens and Eric Stephens at CEM Media in Atlanta. From filming my first mogul in the making 9 years ago to date is rewarding.  I remember it like yesterday Vannessa Amadi who manages two of the world’s biggest Afrobeats stars Davido and Tiwa Savage.  Vannessa and I went to college together so being able to tell her story with a show I created, Just makes sense. Notwithstanding she is a female black entrepreneur conquering the world.

The Production Crew behind Making Of A Mogul

It is important that we expose the world to more material such as Making of A Mogul that inspires hope, self-confidence, and powerful stories that help encourage new possibilities.  We live in a world constantly exposed by personal views, opinions, and information that influences our perspective on how to view the world. We asked: What impact do you believe The Making of a Mogul will have on positively affecting the world as it pertains to mental health?

Answer: The triumph over adversity stories within the series should definitely have a positive effect on those watching the series. Pinky was born on the day her Dad was sentenced to prison and she has worked diligently to make something of herself and employ hundreds of people whilst doing it. I say all this to say “Seeing us on screen making it happen from different industries should uplift the viewers”

We asked: Is the making of a mogul a passion project for you, if not, what is the most fulfilling project that you have ever created? Why?

Answer: I’m blessed to be in a position to do projects I’m passionate about and yes making of a mogul is one the most fulfilling shows I have created.

Being the change we wish to see is truly the embodiment of what Michael has done with creating “The Making of A Mogul”.  The narrative of success with people in color has been surrounded behind entertainment and sports. It is such a breath of fresh air to see the interworking of the success stories of African American individuals who are no longer plagued with that narrative. We asked: Where and when can your show be watched by interested viewers?

Answer:- Follow @makingofamogulusatv for updates and content until the broadcast date is announced

We asked: What’s next? Is there anything else that you would like to share with the world?

Answer:- Building CEM MEDIA alongside my partners Cynthia N Stephens and Eric Stephens .  We have a movie coming out in cinemas across West Africa called LOCKDOWN and number of really exciting projects coming out back to back.

We are excited to see the new narrative that Michael will highlight for the African American community with Making of A Mogul. We hope that this show will inspire the youth watching to see that they too can be the change they want to see. We are excited that The Making Of A Mogul has created a opportunity for the world to search within themselves and use their own stories and God gifted talents to positively add to the expansion and growth of the community we live in. “The Key to Becoming Great Starts With You” has always been a statement that I have lived by with the Tiftown brand. When asked: What is your key to becoming great?

Answer:- I found my purpose and i’m living in it.

Michael Djaba creator of Making of A Mogul

To hear about more projects from Michael and his team be sure to follow them at  @ifactorylive and @Cem_mediagroup for more information.















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