Mark & Estel Introduce ‘Stairway To The Stars’ During NYFW

Malibu based designing-duo Estel Day and Mark Tango are the collaborators behind their line, Mark & Estel. Established in 2005, celebrities like Lady Gaga and Mary-Kate Olsen are just a few who have sported the edgy apparel. It was Olsen who helped the clothing line garner media press adding to its popularity.

With dark tones, rock ‘n’ roll based styles, and sophistication like no other, it’s no wonder that this duo has had a successful and steady line.

The clothing line’s influence is an infusion of both music and fashion. For women willing to break out of their comfort zone just like that of rock music – this one hell of collection to get into.


.Prior to collection, “Stairway to the Stars” debut, the duo gave insight on the collection and more according to Racked.

On the process taken to create their line:

MT: Most collections we do, we’ll make the music first or just a rough version so we know the songs and the story that [they’l] tell. We want the collection to tell the same story.

ED: We like to start with a theme or what we’re feeling at the time creatively. Sometimes we take drives and we’re just driving and talking and we’ll get inspired by that. We kind of come up with a song, and from there we go into the collection and we start coming up with ways to express the songs and the music.

On the fall/winter 2015 collection:

MT: This collection is called “Stairway to the Stars,” and it’s a continuation of the saga of our previous collections. Our spring/summer ’14 was called the “New World Collection,” the fall/winter ’14 was the “Old World Collection,” and spring summer 15 was “The Malibu Anthem Collection.”

The inspiration is pretty fantasy-driven, but for this collection we’re saying it’s kind of a royal collection. Everybody can be royal, you are already a royal in yourself. The way we see fashion and style [is] everybody has it.

ED: Our song “Stairway to the Stars” is also about that.

Mark & Estel have accumulated over 300 retail locations in the US alone. As far as international goes? They can check off Japan, Greece, France, Canada and Germany as hosts for their collection, to name a few.

Having presented 15 lines for Fashion Week, this will the 16th collection illustrated on the runway (Feb. 13) at the Lincoln Center. For more of their interview, click here.


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