Marsha Ambrosius Cover’s The New Trends Issue

Always taking us on an emotional journey Marsha  has never held back when it comes to her music and life. Multi-Grammy nominated musician Marsha Ambrosius is the definition of an open soul. And that’s why were pleased to share her beautiful cover of The New Trends Issue with you today.

On the heels of Marsha Ambrosius  Friends & Lovers tour. Marsha gets sexy with us on set in LA . Marsha talked to us about her new album and describes it as a sequel to her existing film called Life. She decided to use the material from her real life to not only inspire the direction for this project, but her tour.

Ambrosius made the executive decision of wanting to give Friends & Lovers to her fans first hand, face to face.

Ambrosius said, ”God blessed me with a gift to deliver to the world. I feel passionate about what I do. It was never a business in the beginning, so why would I make it now.”

Marsha also talks about her sex life and growth as a woman in the new issue of Kontrol. When it comes to her ability to love another, “Once again I’m a Leo. As a lover I’m giving you E-V-E-Y-T-H-I-N-G.” Again the songstress dives right in give it her all. Similar to the way she loves a man. “You’re getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”
She continues to, “Very independent, very [pauses] I know what I want. And when I’m in-tune with the person I’m with and I know what they want I will stop at nothing to give it to them.” Words only spoken of a woman who’s self-aware.

Make sure you pick up The New Trends Issue on Stands November 17th at your local Barnes and Nobles.

Marsha A Cover

Photographer: Will Sterling MUA: Mel Hunter Hair: Crystal Givens Styling: Julian Lark Styling Assistant: M. Lashea