Being Mary Jane- “Blindsided”

Kara informs MJ they are pulling her show and replacing it with Mark’s until the backlash over Terrance’s death subsides. MJ is furious when she realizes she will be the only one not working since Kara will still be working, but on Mark’s show. At the Pattersons’ house, MJ becomes even more depressed when her name is dragged through the mud during a televised debate. She realizes the public sees her as an opportunist. She seeks wisdom from her father, asking why he would not talk with her about Terrance initially. Paul Sr., tells her at the end of the day all that matters is what she thinks, it is her life. PJ jokes with his mother about the necklace. She admonishes him for poking fun at her and tells him how sick she really is. He tries to get her to use marijuana medicinally. Surprisingly He manages to convince her to take it edible in bran muffins. She agrees, but tells him it has to stay between them.

MJ receives a posthumous letter from Terrance, inspiring her to press forward. She later looks on as Mark does his show. she is happy with the changes. At her home, Terrance’s death finally hits her. She finds comfort in her maid who sings to her to comfort her. Patrick calls MJ to inform her Neicey is having her baby early. At the Pattersons’, Neicey refuses to leave until her daughter’s father comes. Helen snaps her to her senses, forcing her to realize he will not be there for her. Kara and her ex-husband finally reconnect when he reveals he often used her job as a scapegoat to vent about their marital issues. He also lets her know it does not make her a bad mother if she wants him to take the boys full time. PJ and Patrick confront Dante about his delinquency, revealing everything to his mother as well. She tells him he must go the hospital to see the birth of his daughter. At the hospital, Helen gets the munchies, unwittingly revealing her marijuana use to her daughter.

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