Being Mary Jane- “Exposed”

“Being Mary Jane” began on a seemingly happy note with Andre and MJ looking at a new house for him. Although they both love the house they are being shown the realtor informs then it won’t be ready for at least another month. MJ assures her that is fine. Andre, annoyed, wanted something immediately and now has to look into getting a hotel room or an apartment. MJ puts his worries to rest when she says he can stay with her for the month. She is elated to be moving into the next step of their relationship.

At the Pattersons’ home hell breaks loose when an angry Helen confronts Paul Sr. about not purchasing a “platinum table” from the charity she co-founded. The family disperses to let them have their “talk.” Paul Sr. informs her with their current financial situation it just is not feasible. Helen laments about their living situation as well as keeping up appearances.  Paul Sr. ponders how to appease her.

MJ clears a few drawers for Andre’s belongings and hides her sticky note quotes. At work MJ prepares to interview a friend and colleague, Terrence,a journalist and whistle blower who revealed the mistreatment and corruption in a prison facility. She brings one of his books home to Andre. She asks him about attending a charity gala with her. He turns her down noting too many of his clients will be there. He also does not want to further embarrass Avery.  MJ is disappointed they still cannot openly be a couple.

Paul Sr. looks over his finances trying to see what he can move around to purchase the platinum table. His accountant accidentally sends him Paul Jr.’s account. The balance more than $78,000 leaves Paul Sr . astonished.

Paul Jr. celebrates his architectural firm’s latest business deal. He leaves after receiving a message from a “client.” At his client’s home it is revealed Paul Jr. is a well to do drug dealer who deals by referrals and  specializes in cocaine, marijuana, and various prescription pills. When he arrives home his father confronts him about his finances. He plays it off as a misprint in the amount and that it’s actually a $7,800 loan he took out so he would not further stress his parents. His father admonishes him by saying if he really wanted to help them he would finish his degree and become independent. The next day Paul Sr. meets with Catherine, hoping to acquire her platinum table.  She tells him she will need something much more substantial than money in exchange for her table.

Terrance and MJ catch up and make small talk before he is tk appear on her show. Cara discovers Terrance has embellished his report on the prison facility.  They even have a witness and taped conversation to attest to his journalistic fraud. He begs her not to expose him, telling her to do so would undo all his efforts to positively change the prison sytem. MJ, knowing any other news network would run with the story opts to reveal his wrongdoings. After the show she is congratulated by the staff, but is literally sick to her stomach for having to sell out her friend.

That night, Lisa attends the gala with MJ. There, Helen keeps up appearances with stories of her children’s achievements and plans to travel with her husband the next year. She introduces a couple to Paul Jr. He instantly recognizes the woman as one of his clients. She quickly dismisses herself. David appears and is invited by Helen to sit with her family much to MJ’s disapproval.  His closeness with her family makes her equally uncomfortable.  Helen excuses herself for a photo with the other founders. Meanwhile, David tries to flirt and make small talk with MJ. She rebuffs all his advances. She excuses herself to the restroom where Lisa admonishes her for giving him such a hard time.  Paul Sr. offers to dance with Francine, Helen attempts to stop him until he informs her the dance is how he arranged getting a platinum table. She and MJ look on annoyed. MJ pushes her mother to end Francine’s attempts to sway her father. Helen assures her she has everything under control and confidently and politely ends their dance.  She tries to ignore  David until rescues her from an irate viewer. She agrees to dance with him. Things seem to be getting better between them until he reveals he is now in a serious relationship with another woman. She quickly leaves him on the dance floor and sadly departs from the gala. At home, she tries to put on a brave face for Andre feigning a good time at the event. He senses she is hurt and comforts her in the bathroom. He promises to personally escort her to the charity gala next year.

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