Being Mary Jane- “Hindsight is 20/40”

The drama never ceases with Mary Jane (MJ) what seemingly begins as a nice candlelit dinner between she and Andre erupts into a full fledge argument when he confronts with a picture of her and David together. She is furious with him for questioning whether she still has feelings for her ex and he is equally angry feeling like he is “blowing his life up” for her. She reminds him that he is doing all this not because of her but because his marriage “sucks.” He reveals he cannot face his children to tell them about the divorce and his hurt she cannot sympathize with his dilemma. He storms out of the house, leaving her hurt and sorrowful.

Andre sleeps in his car overnight, returning to her home the following morning. The two take their gloves off and are finally civil with another. She apologizes for not being understanding, but their tender moment is interrupted when Paul, Jr. (PJ) Shows up at her doorstep announced. He tells her the cops just busted his marijuana supplier after some Mexicans attempted to rob them and a neighbor alerted the police. She, Andre, and PJ sit down to make a plan of action. Andre says he will use his connection with the Atlanta Police Department to try and get this resolved, but first PJ will have to turn him in. He tells them they have his phone and backpack filled with $5,000.

Helen tells MJ over the phone Neicey wants a tubalectomy after she gives birth to her second child. MJ dismisses it as her acting out until Helen informs her she has already contacted four different doctors. At work, MJ sees Kara crying in her car but refuses to inquire. Inside, Kara confronts her about her disregard. She reminds them they both agreed to never show tears at work. Kara still wants to tell her what happened, MJ relents, but before she can reveal fully why she was crying she begins again. MJ demands she go cry in the restroom. At the Pattersons’ house Paul Sr. confronts Patrick about his drug use. The latter informs his father he has not slipped up since he last used a few weeks ago and has been attending his self-help meeting five times a week. His father does not believe him and wants to drug test him weekly from now on. Frustrated, Patrick realizes it is time for him to move out. His father informs him if he does so then he will not be able to come back. Patrick holds him to his promise and they shake on it,

Andre and PJ talk to Andre’s detective friend. PJ gives a lackluster alibi as to why his belongings were found at a drug bust. The detective lets him off as a favor to Andre. Andre and the detective talk in private about his personal life, their wives are friends. He advises  the former to go back to Avery and keep his family together. Outside, PJ is furious the cops are keeping his money and he insults Andre’s lack of degrees. Andre admonishes him for his disrespect and demands he stay out of trouble.

Neicey talks to Lisa hoping she will give her the tubalectomy. Lisa is hesitant due to her young age and inquires if she would like to try other methods of contraception. Fed up with them all, Neicey still wants the surgery. That night, MJ pulls out her Red Bottoms and sexy lingerie to personally thank Andre for helping her brother. She also gives him a key to her house. The next day Kara and her ex-husband sit down with her boys for a family meeting. The boys reveal their frustration with their mother’s work schedule. Her ex wants the boys full time. Andre goes to his home to tell his kids about his divorce. Howver, after hearing how happy they are he cannot find the courage to do it and leaves.  Lisa and MJ hang out at her parents house and discuss her neice’s surgery. Neicey overhears them and declares she will get the procedure whether Lisa performs it or not.

MJ warns PJ to take the higher road and leave the drug business. He tells her he is doing what he must to make their mother happy. MJ offers to give him $5,000 if he will just stop. He dismisses her. Neicey and MJ face off in her room. There, she reminds her neice she has her whole life ahead of her to do have babies and shoul make better choices. Neicey reprimands her for her harshness, reminding her that despite her own great life choices she is still single, has no children, and has no “happy ending.” MJ is taken aback and realizes she is right. She finds comfort in her mother’s arms and confesses her affair with Andre. Helen wisely advises her to cry tonight and end it all in the morning.

That night when Andre returns to her home she tells him they have to break up. She realizes she is just an outlet for him and that he should return to Avery. He attempts to seduce her once again but surprisingly she resists him. Overnight they sleep fully clothed on opposite sides of the bed. Helen, reflecting on her daughter’s troubles, asks her husband is he having an affair. He reassures her she is his one true love and they make love. The nest morning MJ watches as Andre leaves her home and her life. He returns that night leaving her key with a sticky note attached to it printed: “Good luck unraveling.”

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