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Masika Says “Berg did NOT beat me up.” In New Sister 2 Sister Interview

Masika Says “Berg did NOT beat me up.” In New Sister 2 Sister Interview

10724756_1021958457820749_1741137553_nLove & Hip Hop’s shady but cute couple, Masika & Young Berg seem to have kissed and made up. Almost.  After reports of a HUGE altercation that left Masika choked, dragged and punched, and Berg fired from the show, Masika sat down and gave Sister 2 Sister the tea. The couple apparently put the drama behind them, Yung Berg is back to posting selfies on IG and Masika is back to liking her boo’s posts. Even though she says they don’t communicate and they aren’t together.

“My focus right now is him being better. The focus should not be on us being a couple right now,” Masika told Sister 2 Sister. “It’s best that we don’t communicate as we were.”
More than anything, Masika said she wants Berg to get help, and his issue isn’t abusing women. “I feel like the only abuse issue that he has is alcohol abuse. I do feel like he has a drinking issue and that’s the issue at this time,” she said. “It was not an abusive situation.”
According to Masika, she and Berg did “cause quite a disturbance,” but the entire incident was blown out of proportion, in part, because it was a ritzy hotel, late at night and several guests in the hotel called the police.
“The stories were just erroneous,” Masika said about all the rumors that circulated after the altercation. Contrary to some reports (like this one) Masika said what happened between her and Berg had nothing to do with her short-lived romance with Mally Mall.
“Everything Mally was doing was to try to convince me that he wanted to get married to get on the show,” Masika said, stressing that her relationship with Berg was much more authentic.
“This has been my friend for almost four years. He was literally the first person I met when I moved to L.A.,” she said about Berg. “This is not a television relationship. Hazel’s relationship was fake. That was fake.”

Speaking of Hazel E, Masika said her former friend crediting her misfortune to Karma was tasteless.

screen-shot-2014-11-07-at-7-15-03-am-png“It’s just ridiculous. It just shows the level of class these women do not have,” said Masika who was surprised by the hateful commentary from some co-stars and viewers. “There are some really, sick twisted individuals…nasty, evil people who really have no home training.”
Though Masika understands some may accuse her of defending her abuser, she’s not worried about what others think because she said she knows what really happened that night.
“It was not an abuse situation. He did not attack me; he did not knock me out. He did not beat me up, none of that happened. He was very drunk. It was to the point where he didn’t really know his bearings,” she said. “He needs to be focused on getting these charges dropped and getting the drinking under control.”

Young Berg’s response to the interview? “I won’t be commenting further because I respect Masika and I take this matter very seriously. I wanna thank everyone who’s supported me through this situation.”

929185_1690145274544432_1750970350_nI’m not even going to act like I don’t think they’re cute together. I don’t know what happened between them and just like the Chrianna (Chris Brown & Rihanna) situation; it ain’t nobody’s business. But Berg does remind me of an ex-boyfriend of mine. He was light skinned, self centered and very insecure even though he was very attractive. He had never touched me but when he was angry, he was scary. You can tell on the show that Berg could possibly go there, after Hazel E. swung on him he almost immediately went to swing back. I guess he remembered the cameras were there because instead he dumped her pocketbook out in the middle of the street and stormed off. I hope Berg gets the help he needs because the young man, albeit an a–hole to women; is quite talented in the studio. Maybe he and Ray J could go to rehab together?


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