Men That Exude Style Effortlessly.

Man of Style is someone that you see wearing an outfit you might have never thought could work for you and visualize it on yourself and you look GOOD. The Man of Style is diverse with his steez and has many different options. My Man of Style this week is Julian Lark, Editor & Chief of Kontrol Magazine. He calls himself a fashion expert but he is definitely a fashion guru!! He wears his clothing, it doesn’t wear him and he does it with ease! His motto is one that we all should live by “fashion isn’t just a label or a brand it’s lifestyle so live it Julian Lark is a celebrity fashion expert so he’s the one  responsible for all these fashion forward celebrities we see today.




Two for the price of one. Julian is of course waaay2fly all on his own, but two doses of men’s freshness and style only seems right. Derek Luke is our second addition of Man of Style. He’s always been a man of style and not just on the big screens he’s fly in real life. You can find him on Wednesday’s most favorite days to watch television, Empire of course but the show is coming to a lovely end so stay turned. He’s also starring in a nonfiction film called Self/less that’s set to hit the theaters this summer so stay tuned.


"300: Rise Of An Empire" - Los Angeles Premiere

Tirell Tippit

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