MKI Shows Off Matching Denim Collection For Spring/Summer 2015

Well go head MKI…

The UK based company Miyuki-Zoku, pronounced Mee-You-Kee, was discovered back in 2010 by creative director Vik Tailor.

With edgy fashions, denim shirts, jackets, jeans and more, this fashion store has been able to ascertain a great following.

Having a feature in the US with Complex, the brand has unveiled it’s in-house line for Spring/Summer 2015.

Take the denim collection

The retailer showcased its denim collection that contained a total of four jean colors with assisted jackets.

It reinvents the reasoning and logic behind “denim-on-denim.” The jean washes (colors) include dark to light with classic double front pockets. Basically, the line gives you options so that way you don’t have to be limited at all.

Fellas can rock these on those springs yet windy days’ day or night. Shoes such as Timbs, J’s, Chucks, adidas and just about any sneak will work well in conjunction to this style. Like it’s denim you know?

Price wise? You’re looking at spending no more than $100 dollars. Their online store has not only great graphics of the place, but it gives you the feelings that you belong in the trendy section with ease.

Check out a couple of pieces from the collection below:

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Now of course you can always visit your local department stores nearby however; branch out sometimes.

Not everything in the US is overseas and vice versa. Expand the clothing pallet and get like Breezy with a “New Flame” **not to be confused with a love interest of course**

For more on MKI’s denim collection and the awsome-ness that is their store, click here.


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