Nelly Say He Feels The Need to Take Full Responsibility After Drugs Were Found On Tour Bus



After being arrested over the weekend in Tennessee, Nelly is breaking his silence about the incident. The 40-year-old rapper/actor is facing felony drug charges after his tour bus was stopped for not having an U.S. Department of Transportation and International Fuel Tax Association sticker. During the stop troopers smelled marijuana which caused them to search the bus, thus reportedly finding five rocks which tested to be meth, a small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and numerous handguns.

Nelly took to Instagram to release a statement about what took place:

“Although I am unable to speak to the legal specifics and my attorney has put out a preliminary statement, I feel the need to take responsibility for my choices in needing to be more aware of all the people I associate with and allow onto my property while committing to making better choices moving forward. While my instinct of course is to be accessible to my friends, fans and acquaintances, the last thing I would want to do is compromise the respect and admiration of my friends, family and fans. #KNOWDAT”

Scott Rosenblum, Nelly’s lawyer, says he is very confident that when the facts surface, Nelly will not be linked with the contraband that was allegedly discovered.


Currently Nelly is facing charges including felony possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was released after paying a $10,000 bond and is due back in court on June 19, two days before Father’s Day.

Although this is a horrible situation, Nelly should be happy to know that his BET reality show,’Nellyville’, is set to return for second season in May!

We hope that Nelly can fight this and come out on top and if he wasn’t the one with the drugs and handguns, to get rid of the person (or people) that it belongs to. These are career-ending charges and you don’t need anyone around you that will put you and your well-being in jeopardy. Wonder how his bae, Miss  Jackson feels about all of this.

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