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New Fall Fashion Campaign for Nordstrom

Nordstrom Fall Campaign 2017

Nordstrom plans to project fashion forward stories through campaigns. Their strategy lies in placing the focus back on the real people who shop with them.


Nordstrom, a luxury American chain of department stores launches a new national brand campaign. Featuring Fall fashion, imagery is captured by photographer, Max Farago and directed by Clara Cullen. The campaign premiered for it’s American audience on August 7, 2017. It is set to debut on September 4 in Canada with various components, including video, digital and print.

Nordstrom Fall Campaign 2017

Farago is a Los-Angeles photographer. With substantial commissioned work, he appears in The New York, Purple Magazine and Vogue Paris. Cullen is a director with a variety of ways to focus her work. She produces fresh ways to showcase moving images through technology and the internet. Her work appears in NOWNESS, Purple Magazine and Love Magazine. Bringing the campaign to life together, the married couple works throughout the fashion industry on various projects.

Nordstrom Fall Campaign 2017

With an inside look of intimate lives and portraits of models and non-models as one, the campaign moves towards capturing reality. Styling of the subjects reverts back to realistic styling of every day people. Photo editing is kept to a bare minimum. The campaign is featuring highlights of brands including Levi’s, J. Crew, and Simone Rocha.

The developer of the concept and vision happens to be Olivia Kim. She is the Vice President of Creative Projects at Nordstrom. After producing the concept and tone for five brand campaigns, Kim has created another genius move for the brand.

Nordstrom Fall Campaign 2017

“We see the brand campaigns as our opportunity to tell our most fashion-forward story, yet this season we put the focus back on the people. We cast people we find inspiring, who have something to say and use their voice for positive impact and influence whether through art, education, journalism or mixed media. Most of all, we wanted to celebrate them and their immense talents,” says Kim.

Nordstrom Fall Campaign 2017


She bases her work on personal engagement during shopping experiences at Nordstrom. Especially relevant, Kim works to create a sense of excitement and self discovery when creating a campaign. Due to her involvement, Kim produced campaigns that are heartfelt to the customers. Through work at Nordstrom since 2013, Kim has also developed the brand towards testing new partnerships, concept shops and limited distribution. Consequently, her goal is to modernize the brand, focus on exclusivity and to develop a customer’s sense of self while shopping.

In conclusion, it excites us to share Nordstrom’s new campaign with our audience. Through their effortless campaign style, the brand is able to connect with it’s customer. We need to feel good while wearing the clothes. After all, that’s the goal. Right?

Maybe more retailers should give this a try.

Written by Sydney Murdock


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