New Music Alert: “Drop It Down” by Lisa “Left Eye’ Lopes’ Protege, T’Melle!

Just when you thought good music was dead and gone a new artist comes along and makes you rethink that. You even start to reminisce about some of your favorite from the past. Well when it comes T’Melle that is definitely the feeling of nostalgia you get. Perhaps it is because she is the protege of the late and great Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC. For years she was mentored and cultivated by this amazing artist and was even one of the victims in the accident that took Left Eye’s life. The accident nearly took her life as well, leaving her broken and on the path to recovery. Doctors told her she would never walk, dance, or perform again. Boy did she prove them wrong! In a recent interview she goes into detail about this.

T'Melle hey mikey atl

I’m the girl that still had hope when life took a turn. After a tragic car accident I was told I might never run or dance again. Losing “Left Eye,” the person I looked up to, who impacted the world, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through! I’m the girl that people told to quit and that this wasn’t going to happen for me. I’m the girl who’s been told ‘No’ way more than the word yes! I believed! I still believe!” T’Melle proudly says.  “I represent Survival, Determination and Empowerment! And I say it through my music! I’m the person who motivates people like I motivated myself, to never give up! My music speaks volumes with my message and edgy R&G (Rhythm and Gangsta) content!

T'melle hey mikey atl

Her new video, Drop It Down is all kinds of sexy! The playful flirting between she and her love interest combined with that catchy chorus will have you pulling a Zendaya “Replay” move and have this song on repeat everywhere you go. Hopefully, this single and video means we can expect an album soon from this awesome artist. Seriously, we need some good and QUALITY music. Entertainment industry are you watching? Left Eye is practically handing you you’re next it girl from beyond the grave! Check out the video below.

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