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New Music & New Movies! Sharon Leal is Always On Top!

New Music & New Movies! Sharon Leal is Always On Top!

When it comes to talent everyone has it, but few actually capitalize on it. Those that are tend to have us star struck! They become demigods and princesses of the media, out shined only by their material wealth and our desire to actually be them. These “celebrities” as we like to call them; may be a commonality by modern standards. However, when it comes to sheer star power few people have it like Sharon Leal! Sharon has been a mainstay and powerhouse in the music industry for years. As in such, she needs no formal introduction!


As a singer and actress, Sharon is quite the threat. She has more than proven her acting chops on television and film, with prominent roles in hit television shows and films like Boston Public, Dreamgirls, and now Addicted! Sharon’s latest role comes straight from a Zane novel. She is “Zoe Reynard,” a successful woman with a beautiful family and loving husband. She seems to have it all until she jeopardizes it with a series of torrid affairs. “This was definitely a racy film for me to do and different from anything I’ve ever done before…She [Zoe] isn’t like any character you’ve seen me portray, but I felt it’s realistic and there are some women actually doing this…” Indeed, the role was out of character for Sharon, we are use to seeing her characters as being more straight laced and refined. Zoe too, began as refined, but we watched as sexual addiction ravaged and nearly took her life. “It [sexual addiction] is a real problem, and no I don’t know anyone who has dealt with it, but we know they exist…I just hope they get help and take something from the film besides the sex scenes.”



The scenes from Addicted will go down in cinema history. However, Sharon is not interested in playing any roles like this anytime soon. “I’m going to back pedal a little [she laughs]…but I might be open to playing another role like that somewhere down the line…you never know…” In the film, Sharon has thrilling scenes with three of the entertainment industry’s hottest men—Boris Kodjoe, Tyson Beckford, and William Levy! Many women (and some men) are currently envying her! She admits sex scenes can be awkward, but each of her co-stars made their moments professional and were gentlemen the complete time.

Sharon Leal and William Levy in "Addiction"
Sharon Leal and William Levy in “Addiction”

However, she admits if she had to spend the rest of her life with just one of them it would be Boris. “He [Boris] is such a gentleman and awesome guy…plus he and Nicole have been together for such a long time now, they’re involved in the community, and have a beautiful family…he’s the type of guy you want to be stuck with forever…” Unfortunately guys Sharon is off the market, and has been with her longtime boyfriend, Paul Becker, who completely has her heart. However, when asked if there will be wedding bells for them anytime soon she quickly, and humorously, replies “No!” “I’m not saying no forever but we’re very happy!”


As aforementioned, Sharon is a singer as well. You might recall she featured in Dreamgirls as “Michelle,” Effie White’s replacement in the singing trio. Contrary to popular belief, she did sing all of her parts recorded in the film and on the soundtrack. “People always forget I started on Broadway and was singing in Dreamgirls. I think they thought I was lip syncing or something [she laughs].” Sharon has always been a singer, but never quite had the time to focus on her music with her demanding acting schedule taking priority. Thankfully, she has decided that now is the time, releasing a single, “Giant.” The single draws inspiration from Zoe’s life in Addicted and is nothing short of amazing. Paul directed and choreographed the video for the single and it too is phenomenal! “Sharon started on Broadway as a singer and acting just took over…Now she is back to her roots,” He told US Weekly Magazine. Sharon’s vocals are easily on par with any of music’s big songstresses. Even singing sensation, Beyonce, while on the set of Dreamgirls, questioned why she had not released an album yet. Sharon does have an album in the works, but in the meantime she has released an EP on iTunes for download!


Sharon Leal is more than just a star, or your fantasy girl next door, she is a sensation! Everyone knows her for her acting and soon they will consider her a musical powerhouse as well. As aforementioned, she is no newbie to the music game, but this time she’s singing to the world and not just to the star struck patrons of Broadway. Sharon is always on her grind and has a new film, White Water, coming out next year and co-starring, Larenz Tate. The film is set during the 1960s in the segregated town of Opelika, Alabama. There a black child, obsessed with drinking from a “White’s Only” water fountain does the unthinkable…and the unthinkable consequences ensue! As you can see Sharon is Hollywood and Hollywood is Sharon.


During her downtime, which she admits is rare, she likes to relax and do normal things like go to the movies, have dinner, and hang out. “I’m really simple…” Her beauty regimen is simple too, she believes in eating right, working out, and taking care of her skin. She does the latter simply by moisturizing and drinking lots of water. She offers men a few tips for their hygiene as well. “Men don’t have to do a lot to keep themselves up. Just keep in shape, avoid bad breath, [she laughs] and a manicure and pedicure always helps…” Sharon Leal is funny, beautiful, successful, and talented. She never gave up on her dreams; and is constantly expressing herself through different mediums. Whoever said you cannot have it all, never met Miss Leal! To stay up on Sharon, follow her on Twitter/Instagram @sharonleal17 and on her website, www.sharonlealmusic.com! Be sure to download her EP today and check out her music video below!


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