[New Music]: Sevyn Streeter Featuring Chris Brown ‘Don’t Kill The Fun’

“This ain’t love until we say it’s done.” ~ Sevyn Streeter

Well okay Streeter. It’s hard to believe that R&B singer Sevyn Streeter has become the breakout star that she is after being in girl groups like TG4 and RichGirl. One can’t fight what’s destined for them right?

Her newly released track, “Don’t Kill the Fun,” features her friend, mentor and working partner Chris Brown. The two have collaborated before for Brown’s albums and Streeter’s hit “It Won’t Stop.”

With lyrics like:

Baby don’t kill, the fun (I won’t)

This ain’t love until we say it’s done (alright)

It’s your life, go ahead, do what you choose

Put me in your, your favorite mood

Oh baby, don’t kill the vibe

Turn it down we gotta let it ride

I found you, crowned you, I turned you on

So you know, I got, what you want

Cause anyone can take it with you when you go

It’s only right to make it beautiful

Lets be undeniable (don’t kill the fun)

If you wanna live it better, live it

Make tonight unforgettable (don’t kill the fun)

And we won’t stop rockin’ till they call the cops

Press play below:

Review: Streeter has proven that vocally, she can tackle both being in a group and as a solo artist. What’s great about this track is that Streeter has yet to deliver a song that doesn’t suit her skills.

In “Don’t Kill the Fun,” the track is nicely done and light-hearted all while keeping the message simple: If you’re dating, take it one day at a time, “don’t kill the fun” and navigate each day as peacefully and cohesively.

The song’s lyrics “I found, I crowned you… plays directly into Streeter’s words about “that’s bae” rapper B.o.B after she declared him her “Man Crush Monday” on Instagram.

Will this make on the iTunes playlist? It surely can.

Reportedly, “Don’t Kill the Fun” will appear on an upcoming album that will succeed 2013’s “Call Me Crazy….” There’s no word yet on the title or the release date of the album.


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