[New Video]: Ne-Yo Gets Colorful In ‘Coming With You’

With “Non-Fiction” set to hit stores on Jan. 28, Grammy-winner Ne-Yo releases his new video for “Coming With You.”

The singer talks admiring the aura of a woman and pretty much following her anywhere she goes.

With lyrics like:

Girl, I’m watching you

Loving the way you controlling the scene

Sexy attitude, talk like you walking

Your walk is so mean

They want to hate you

Hate on you good

Cause you so damn bad

I don’t condone but I understand it

Cause it just ain’t no fair

That you look like that

I’m on it

Review: The video for “Coming With You” sees Ne-Yo embrace runways, beautiful women and lots of color adding to the songs vibrancy.

Ne-Yo’s lyrics are his strong suit whenever he releases a song. “Coming With You” denotes more international appeal or even pop radio.

Some fans may feel slighted by this song given their interest in Ne-Yo’s R&B joints. It’s not that he can’t sing and deliver a good pop song but his music as of late seems a little “blah.”

His recent release of “Make It Easy” was good step in the right direction for his R&B core fans. So, will this make the iTunes playlist? Hmmm, pass! If fans want a good international song with worldwide appeal then this song works. As for the R&B lovers, waiting for more might serve as a better alternative.

The video was produced by Ne-Yo’s company Stargate. “Coming With You” follows already released singles “She Knows” and “Money Can’t Buy.”


Émil Flemmon

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