Normcore: Standout by Blending In

So the latest trend is not a trend. It is an anti-trend of sorts’…normcore as it affectionately called by trendsetters and fashionistas. The basis of the trend is that instead of keeping stride with the ever fast pace changes of the fashion industry. It has been become fashionable to find the couture nature of basics like t-shirts, sweaters, denim and chinos.


Via the description this trend seems rather boring and mundane the furthest thing from sexy or hip. Yet, you would be wrong as there is nothing more effortlessly chic or sexy than making the most basic of clothing essentials come to life. See this is where fashion ceases to just be this thing you buy, a thing only created by designers or Prada. Rather, fashion becomes a feeling, an emotion and a lifestyle.


So standout by blending in, allow your personality to do the talking for you. Allow the way you dress to counter the culture and leave your admirers with a sense of mystery. Now the elements of this trend is to buy great quality basics at a great value think Gap, American Apparel and H&M. Pick neutral colors so that you can have endless mix and match possibilities. Lastly, let your personality fly free !normcore-2

Michelle Gill

Fashion & Beauty Writer

Admirer of beauty, collector of knowledge, sometimes food snob and fashion zealot.