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Obama Reacts to Donald Sterling’s Racist Request: “Don’t Bring Black People to My Games”

Obama Reacts to Donald Sterling’s Racist Request: “Don’t Bring Black People to My Games”

I honestly apologize for the filth you are about to hear in the recording below. Take a listen:

TMZ – Leaked Recording of Convo Between Donald Sterling and Girlfriend V. Stiviano

The disgusting words and mindset of LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, has left fans, celebrities, and millions of others absolutely appalled and completely through with him and his team. Sterling was allegedly–as the NBA is currently “investigating” the authenticity of the recording–chastising his girlfriend V. Stiviano about a photo she had taken broadcasting her connection with Blacks… more specifically, Magic Johnson. Stiviano is of mixed races, Black and Mexican to be exact.


Unfortunately, Sterling’s reaction to the photo has created a major uproar for what seems to be everyone but Donald Sterling. Celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Adam Levine, Michael Jordan, DeAndre Jordan, Snoop Dogg Russell Simmons, Lebron James, and now ever President Barack Obama has spoken up about the issue.  At a press conference in Malaysia yesterday, the president responded by saying:

“When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk,” he said. “That’s what happened here.”

Obama went on to say Sterling’s supposed comments prove that “the United States continues to wrestle with the legacy of race and slavery and segregation,” adding, “that’s still there, the vestiges of discrimination. We’ve made enormous strides, but you’re going to continue to see this percolate up every so often.” Read more here.

Many are reaching out and asking everyone to join the #BoycottClippers campaign. However, a valid point has certainly been made, which is that the players not playing will only affect the player’s career. It’s up to sports fans and everyone else who knows that although racism is still very prevalent, it is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and should not be tolerated–even at the expense of never going to or watching another Clippers game so long as a racist is the owner.


Magic Johnson, who’s photo with Sterling’s girlfriend (that she later deleted), caused the conversation in the leaked recording had this to say via Twitter:

TMZ reported this morning that Clippers owner Donald Sterling doesn’t want me or other African-Americans to come to Clippers games. [My wife] and I will never go to a Clippers game again as long as Donald Sterling is the owner. I feel sorry for my friends Coach Doc Rivers and Chris Paul that they have to work for a man that feels that way about African Americans. LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s comments about African Americans are a black eye for the NBA. Read more here.

Coach Doc Rivers has my continuous support. I know that this is a very, very difficult situation for him to be in as the coach of this team as well as Chris Paul who serves as the president of the NBA Players Union. I can only imagine the type of pressure they are feeling at the expensive of such a wicked mindset. I could go on forever at how detrimental people like Donald Sterling are to the world, but honestly, the thing that gets me the most is V’s responses. Yes, she’s concerned and I honestly feel like she was the one who leaked the recording (good for her), but to be so apologetic to a man such as he??–hell no. Not I said the cat. I don’t care how much money you have… I will NEVER apologize for my heritage, my skin color, or my pride in my ancestors and everything they’ve done for my people.


My heart goes out to the Los Angeles Clippers players, Chris Paul, Coach Doc Rivers, and every other person affected by the disgusting minds of racist individuals. Wherever you can make a difference, do just that. #BoycottClippers #SayItLoud #ImBlackandImProud

Let’s be the change this week, everybody. Happy Monday! 




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