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On The Edge of “Power!” Rotimi Talks Real Power, Music, & Artisty!

Starz currently has television’s biggest hit in its hands with Power. The drama, danger, sex, and plot twists have us glued to our flat screens faithfully every Sunday evening! The third season of Power has been more than just amazing—it’s been mind blowing. Each and every character on the show is evolving, and the status quo is constantly shifting. Whereas Ghost (Omari Hardwick) is trying to go straight and live a “normal” life, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) struggles to maintain their empire, Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) returns with a vengeance, and Dre is embroiled in a true crisis of conscience! Interestingly it is the latter’s storyline that may very well prove to be the game changer as each character vies for “Power.” “Dre,” portrayed by actor and artist, Rotimi, is truly flexing his talents on and off the Silver Screen. Whether he is playing the hitman from your nightmares, or killing it on stage, Rotimi proves beyond the shadow of a doubt he is here to stay!

Rotimi-064-By Jonavennci Divad
Rotimi Covers Kontrol Homme

Rotimi is no stranger to the limelight. As you may already know he starred in Starz’s Boss and has had a number of roles in movies like Divergent and Black Nativity. However, it is his role as Dre we know and love. Introduced in Season 2 of Power, the character has proven from the jump to be highly resourceful, streetwise, and most of all dangerous! Originally serving as Kanan’s right hand man, he later turned on him after learning he murdered his own son in cold blood. This season Ghost tries to make a legit man of him, but the streets are calling and Dre feels compelled to return to the world and life he knows. This results in our above mentioned crisis of conscience when Kanan returns to enlist his help in taking down Ghost! “Well I mean with Dre you know people have to understand that in the world of ‘Power’ only two or three weeks have passed and he’s not comfortable, but he’s willing to do what comfortable and that’s being in the streets. He just kind of like worries about what’s going on in his ‘hood than in the club… Dre’s kind of a mixture of Ghost and Kanan so the inner battle is real for real!”

Rotimi-305-By Jonavennci Divad
Rotimi Covers Kontrol Homme

Although Dre’s character is truly in the mix of the action and drama of the show; we have yet to truly learn anything more about his past or family, other than he has a daughter and wants a better life for her. Thankfully Rotimi reveals we are about to learn a lot more about our hired gun! “Yeah you are going to learn a lot more about him! The way their writing it and the slow build up is a testament to how amazing our writers are…but you’re gonna see everything you need to know about Dre and the decisions he makes…Now like after Episode 5 his whole world now is like making sure his daughter is safe and okay…”

Rotimi goes on to reveal there is a little bit of Dre within him and discusses his own inner struggles with doing the right thing. “…About fifty percent [of Dre is in him]…you know this industry is tough you know. There’s a balance of what you wanna do and what’s around you and the conscious efforts in the decisions you have to make…You know Dre wants to be ‘King of the Castle,’ and I view myself as wanting be ‘King of the Castle.’ I think the difference between me and Dre is that I’m patient and he’s not you know he wants it now, now! I’m hungry too, but I understand it’s a process and he wants it all now! We’re both very ambitious…” This latest season has delivered so many plot twists with each of its storylines that it is hard to anticipate what is coming next. (Spoiler alert) Holly’s death, Ghost leaving Angela, and Kanan showing up at Dre’s house were all heart stopping moments for fans! “The biggest shocker [of the season] was the way Holly died…I think also the way me and Kanan met I. I didn’t know he was alive! He was in me—I mean Dre’s house–and that was a real shock factor for everybody…”
Along with being an amazing actor, Rotimi is an equally amazing artist! His sound is truly a much needed breath of fresh air for the music industry. He has already released a number of singles, of which Moving On is a personal favorite! He prides himself on making quality music and it shows. “I like telling stories with my music and a lot of people don’t do that anymore…they talk about the same thing over and over… in the production that we choose I can either go really hard on it or a ballad…I try to make myself as versatile as possible…I pride myself in hitting you with a banger, and then you know a really sexual record, and then a record that’s ‘Top 40’…I just wanna give y’all a little bit of who Rotimi is!”

Rotimi-190-By Jonavennci Divad
Rotimi Covers Kontrol Homme

Currently he has been in the studio cranking out new music with an album coming our way. “We’re working on the dates now, but I’m probably gonna release another mixtape before I release an album there’s a lot of music that I have and it’s about timing…People are now in the discovery phase of who Rotimi is as a complete artist and now they are viewing me as a talent which just completes the whole purpose…so we are just gonna keep feeding them music to really show them I’m consistent…” He goes onto say “I feel like music is more demanding because you gotta be more current and quick with it…a song has to hit and it has to connect. Acting is a lot more of hurry up and then wait…”
We are glad to see Rotimi is a man of many talents. Perhaps that is why two rumors are floating around that he will be making an appearance in the upcoming Black Panther movie AND doing a single for the soundtrack! There has not been any news on what character he would portray, but to see Rotimi channel his Dre hitman skills in the jungles and high tech cities of Wakanda (Black Panther’s fictional kingdom) would be amazing. “You heard that I had a role in the upcoming Black Panther movie? I haven’t heard that, but I’d love that, that’d be amazing; so whoever told you that tell them to place me [he laughs]…Well lemme hit my agent now after this interview [he laughs]!”

Rotimi is truly a rising star and a man building a brand that will make him a household name. Besides another mixtape and album coming later this year; he also has two movies coming—Deuces with Larenz Tate and Meagan Good and Burning Sands alongside LisaRaye McCoy and Trevor Jackson! His current mixtape is also out, and can be heard on his SoundCloud. With so many projects in the works, and being a part of a hit series like Power, it is not surprising that he is single. The desire and will to be the best often puts matters of the heart on the back burner. Just looking at Rotimi it is easy to see why the female fans of the show are so diehard on him. Perhaps their taking a page from Kehlani, humming,“I need a gangsta…to love me better…than all the others do…to always forgive me…Ride or die with me…That’s just what gangsters do…!” We all could use a little gangster in our lives! Thankfully we have someone better. We have Rotimi–a double threat in the entertainment industry and a major player in all aspects of this game we call life. Whether he’s killing it on screen, a stage, or on the film reels this amazing actor/artist has earned our respect and is on the edge of true “Power!”

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Rotimi-428-By Jonavennci Divad
Rotimi Covers Kontrol Homme

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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