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One on One with BET Executive Producer: Kyra Robinson

One on One with BET Executive Producer: Kyra Robinson

Jumping out on faith, BET executive producer Kyra Robinson’s story is inspirational.

Social media has become a way of life for many. It has become the platform that has launched the career of many talented people today. BET television producer Kyra Robinson saw a need to highlight these well-accomplished individuals by introducing the BET Social Media Awards. She is more than just a television producer – she is a public speaker as well as a tech entrepreneur.


The BET Social Media Awards

Knowing that social media has become the way people absorb information – Kyra Robinson alongside comedian Mike Epps decided to produce a show based on key moments & influential people. Kyra understands the importance of social media as entertainment and how people use it for news. Robinson and Epps created a lane that celebrates so many people from different backgrounds. Even with as much experience as Kyra Robinson has, she credits Mike Epps as being a “creative genius” thus giving BET this dynamic duo for the unavailing of the 1st annual BET Social Media Awards.

Kyra Robinson 2 

Before TV Land

It wasn’t all glitz and glam for Kyra starting out. With 7 years of experience, her start came after finishing with a bachelors in Broadcast Journalism. Kyra was offered $12,000 a year for a news anchor position. Not settling, she put her best foot forward and decided to start her very own internet talk show. Making only $400 a week at a currency exchange, she purchased a camera and filmed a sizzle reel on what would become known as the “It Girls of Chicago”. Taking a chance on herself, she sent the reel to a close friend of hers that was working for OWN at the time. Loving the reel, her friend dropped it into the hands of another industry individual thus leading to Kyra having to take meetings with various production companies. To her surprise, Kyra’s very first show got the green light. That one chance that she took on herself led her to meet Candi Carter, who is now the executive producer for The View. Since taking that chance on herself & showing how dedicated she was to her craft, she has worked on such shows as Judge Mathis, Paternity Court. Iyanla: Fix My Life and many more.



Technology is the future and she acted on it by creating the application “Sounds Fun”. Sounds Fun with Mike Epps, available on Amazon, is an interactive guessing game app. Her purpose was to create an app where people could be interactive with the game and others players too. The game provides an image to one player while the second player has to guess the object from the first individual sound.

 Kyra R

Giving Back

When she isn’t working behind the scenes, Kyra is spending time educating and motivating our youth. There are three main points she speaks on when talking to kids: manifestation, timing, and learning to say “no”.   She stresses how important it is not waiting for an opportunity to knock. Kyra believes in manifestation and the belief that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Timing is everything as Kyra expresses. She believes in the mantra “you have to crawl before you walk”. Knowing that you earned your spot through hard work is the second most important fact that is told to the youth by Kyra. Lastly, No is very powerful word whether one is being told no or turning down an offer. She says that hearing the word no can be the main reason for a recharge in one’s life and career. It can also be the reason, as she states, why your brand goes in the right direction. Every opportunity may not be good for


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