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One Simple App To Revolutionize How You Work

One Simple App To Revolutionize How You Work

That’s right! We’ve got the answer to all your work related problems. Whether it is business, personal or recreational this app will revolutionize your task management, and allow you to become more effective and efficient. Productivity is what it is all about right? Thanks to the ‘Swiss Miss’, Tina Roth Eisenberg, I can introduce you to TeuxDeux!

yeux deux, tina roth, to do

A simple little app that is packed with so much power! What started as a small project out of convenience for an office team, ended up being one of the greatest apps of all time. Originally a desktop HTML, TeuxDeux was created and used by Tina and her creative office team to stay organized and on top of ideas.  After posting about the latest office toy on her blog ‘Swiss-miss.com’, Tina and her creating partner decided to open the HTML up for others to use, and like wildfire it spread throughout the internet.

yeux deux, tina roth, to do

Of many clichés, “less is more” has definitely stood the test of time. Ringing true once more, the TeuxDeux apps simple interface, and minimalist functionality could not be anymore rudimentary. The app, pronounced as “to do”, is exactly what it sounds like, a “to do” list. How often have we written a list over, and over, to lose it? Lay it on the desk unfinished as we begin writing out another list of prioritized tasks? Yes, keep counting.

TeuxDeux simplifies the simple. By offering both app, and interactive desktop view there is never an excuse to forget anything ever again. This easy app allows you to make a list of daily tasks, and even store ideas to execute in the future, in a ‘someday’ tab. What makes this app different than traditional “to do” list making is that the list of unfinished to-do’s for any given day is automatically transferred over to tomorrow. With just a click of your finger you can cross off, edit, and add tasks to your list.

yeux deux, tina roth, to do , apps, tech

I have been using the app for just under a week now, and ironically enough my stress, and anxiety levels have significantly decreased! The peace, and sound of mind acquired in knowing my list is almost managing itself, is priceless. While my daily tasks, have not changed, TeuxDeux has afforded me, a more effective and efficient way to organize and execute my daily, and weekly duties. TeuxDeux is definitely KONTROL approved! Download the app now on iTunes and tell us what you think, Kan it? Or Keep it?


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