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Peter Before “Pan”–Peter Pan is the Fairy Tale Prequel You Must See!

Peter Before “Pan”–Peter Pan is the Fairy Tale Prequel You Must See!

Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, the ageless youth and protector of Neverland blessed with flight and the brotherhood of dozens of Lost Boys. Have you ever stopped to wonder where he came from though? Who are his parents? How did he meet Tinkerbell? Why can he fly without needing fairy dust? And just why does Captain Hook hate him so much? Well some of these questions are definitely answered in Pan! Pan is the fairy tale prequel you have been waiting for.

Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily

Peter begins his life an infant abandoned by his mother other doorstep of a orphanage ran by nasty nuns in London. There, he and other orphanages are not only mistreated but left at the mercy of German bombers during the Blitzkrieg of London in World War II. Peter, and his friend realize some of the other boys have slowly begun to disappear, and assume they are being relocated to other countries for safety. Naturally, the lad’s curiousity gets the better of him and he discovers that pirates from Neverland are actually stealing the boys and taking them to Neverland. Peter enters a world so exotic it defies imagination. He also encounters, Blackbeard, a pirate so brutal he will make Captain Hook look like a circus clown. Peter comes of age in Neverland, albeit mentally, as he learns who he is, his heritage, and most of all his destiny!

James Hook
James Hook


This is undoubtedly the best fairy tale prequel yet. I am surprised Disney did not think of something like this sooner as it seems to have a monopoly of fairytale prequels with Maleficent, Cinderella, and soon Beauty and The Beast and Genie from Aladdin. The acting was superb! Hugh Jackman makes a great Blackbeard. The atrocities he causes rank up there with Batman villains. Be sure you catch Pan in theaters everywhere this weekend!


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