Pretty and Big Too!

“Are you plus-size or curvy?” One of the numerous questions the beautiful BriTTany Mo’Cha gets asked. BriTTany is a Jill of all trades and master of the turnaround! Some trades she’s taken up are as a model, photo director, blogger, journalist, and she didn’t stop there. There is so much more to her than meets the eye!


Photo credit: Aaron Stallworth

As a young girl, BriTTany grew up in suburbia. She was always comfortable with who she was and with her size. It was everyone else that has the problem. While in college, she even had professor tell her because of her size and color she won’t go far in her career field. There weren’t many plus-sized women to look up to other than Queen Latifah, Monique, and Missy Elliott. Furthermore Obesity, has always had many false conceptions and attached stereotypes. Despite the fact that she was “overweight” she was a top athlete in school from cheerleading to track and field. For ten years of her life she was constantly misdiagnosed by doctors due to stereotypes. She was later diagnosed with Polycystsic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Something that could’ve been prevented if give the care and treatment that was needed early on, but she doesn’t succumb to it. She is an overcomer despite the diagnosis!


Photo credit: Whitney Levin

BriTTany graduated college in 2009. She started her career as a journalist and also did public relations, working with Vibe and Metro while in college. When the stock market crashed she was devastated by losing all ofher job prospects. Just like thousands of students who graduated during the crash, these circumstances proceeded on and off for years, and finally after not knowing where else to go she turned to God! It was then that she decided to become a plus-sized model, as she felt the youth and plus-sized women needed a true and real life role model! She created her blog, Pretty and Big Too! She calls it her version of Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul. It is more than just a blog, but a movement, a Plus Revolution. She wants to change up the entire plus market because it is more geared to women in their 30s and up, but what about plus sized young women and teens? We can’t forget about them!


Photo credit: Ken Morrison

Between modeling and blogging, she does editorial work and creative directing. Her goal is to be the next Oprah Winfrey! Yet her ultimate objective is for all women to know that they are beautiful! No matter who they are and where they come from! “Every morning wake up and tell yourself I am beautiful. I am not determined by a number on a scale and I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” is what BriTTany encourages others that struggle with body image to say to themselves every morning. People often think she is arrogant based of her belief that no one looks better than her. “I am masterpiece. No one looks better than me because we are all our own masterpieces. It is disrespectful to God because no one else can be you so stop trying to look like other people.”



Photo credit: Ken Morrison

The Pretty and Big Too movement is affecting more than just plus-sized women. All kinds of women are uncomfortable with themselves and have both body image and self esteem issues. The name may change but the theme and message remain the same! She left anyone struggling with these issues with this…”The change starts with you. Everything starts with how you think about yourself. I believe the only thing validation is needed for is parking you have to validate yourself. You are responsible for your life. I want women to really love themselves. Look in the mirror and say I am it and I am the best me I can be. If we didn’t compare ourselves would you have a problem with yourself. When you’re able to answer that question it’ll all make sense. You were made to look like you not like her. A flower doesn’t compete with another flower it just blooms, alongside it. I am BriTTany everyone else is taken. So take the bricks they throw at you and stand on them to be the turnaround you want to see.”

Check out her modeling page and blog as well as follow her on Instagram @brittanymocha. Support the Plus Revolution because as BriTTany would say your size is your asset and not your flaw.


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