Copy a Solange Hairstyle for the spring

If you are looking for a protective style to rock during the spring season, Marley Twists may be an option for you. Celebrity, Solange wears this style and boy does she rock it well.

When rocking Marley Twists, benefits include:

The ability to get up and go. This beats waking up and having to spend at least 15 minutes on your hair due to you having to  style it further.

Marley Twists promote hair growth when treated properly by applying conditioner, essential oils and wrapping your twists with a silk or nylon scarf before bed.

The versatility of this protective style makes it great to rock. Whether you want to wear it in a bun, an up do or even just gathering all of your twists to one side, you have many options to work with.

You can leave your Marley Twists in for 8 weeks. Imagine not having to mess with your hair every morning for that period of time. (Not including your moisturizing regimen)

Your hair will be protected. It is important to protect your hair especially the ends of your strands. Wearing Marley Twists definitely solves this problem.

There are many other protective styles to wear, if you are new to the protective style arena check out Marley Twists.

Solange Knowles Performs at 'Better Days', Presented by Absolut Art Bureau at Art Basel