Raekwon Releases “Linx Beach” In Honor Of “The Purple Tape”

Has it really been twenty-years since the classic release of “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” (sometimes referred to as “The Purple Tape”)? Yes it has! To celebrate the iconic album, Raekwon is dropping an iconic jacket that brings back a ton of old memories surrounding the project.


Inspired by the Ralph Lauren “Snow Beach” jacket, Raekwon and his CL 95 Inc. company along with his fellow Wu-Tang Clan are dropping a “Linx Beach” jacket. The jacket is similar to the Ralph Lauren Snow beach jacket he wore in his “Can It Be So Simple” video. “I knew how important [the Snow Beach] jacket was to people and I wanted to say, ‘Yo, let me make a new one. Let’s do something different,'” he told Complex. “I’ve always been a Polo fan—shout out Polo, Polo is basically the grandfather of all sport, casual clothes in my eyes—and we just wanted to come back down memory lane again.”

The jacket quality consist of 3M reflector accents, Waterproof pockets, and a Polartec® fleece and Thinsulate™ lining.

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Raekwon explains that he is a big Polo fan and would never try to take anything from the “Godfather” of clothing. “Of course we know that’s the original, but I think people recognize that I made that jacket a little bit more explosive for Ralph Lauren,” he says. “I wish we had a way to really communicate with them and just tell them thank you for adding onto the fashion world ’cause it’s clothes like that that gave us all the hope to become successful designers in our own way.”

If you have a cool $600 laying around, you can pre-order the Linx Beach jacket at CL95.com. Shipments will be made Aug. 1st.

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