The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “Make ups and Breakdowns”

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” begin with a firestorm as Nene and Cynthia continued their face off with the former becoming even more emotional the more and more they talked. Nene even excuses herself to gather her composure, meanwhile the other ladies. all of the ladies are taken back as they are not use to seeing her so emotional. They decide to leave to give the former friends a chance to reconcile. Nene continues to express she never knew Cynthia had an issue with her until the last reunion special and admonishes her for not being direct with her. Cynthia reveals her calling Peter a bitch indeed made her put their friendship into question. Nene tells her she loved her like a sister before completely bursting into tears. Cynthia tells her she wants to be friends like they were before and move past everything. The two women hug tightly and leave the restaurant arm in arm.


Later, Todd Skypes with Kandi from new York City wanting her to come see him so they can revisit the places who grew up at. He also informs her his mother, Sharon, is still angry about Mama Joyce accusing her of being a prostitute. Kandi relucantly agrees to go, hoping to use Cynthia’s upcoming appearance in a fashion show as her reprieve. Cynthia and Nene discuss what happened during their talk with their respective husbands. Greg encourages Nene to forgive Cynthia and address the root of the issue between them so they can move forward. Nene, however, is cautious to trust Cynthia again. Peter feels Cynthia is being too soft and not holding Nene accountable for the awful things that have transpired the last few months. He outright tells her he does not like competing with Nene for his wife’s time and attention, hoping they do not reconcile. Derek J drops into enlist Phaedra’s legal aide against a client accusing him of stealing her hair. Phaedra is determined to help her friend, but warns him they may have to go to court to resolve the matter.



In New York, Cynthia meets with her friend, Kithe Brewster, to be fitted for her dresses in his fashion show. He tells her she will be closing the show, but notices her bottom is bigger than he anticipated. He also tells her that her walk is too slow. She begins to feel insecure and wonders does she have what it takes to pull off the show. Elsewhere in The Bronx, Todd takes Kandi to all of his old hang out spots. They eat pizza, buy Timberlands, and meet with Cynthia and Peter for dinner. At dinner, Todd continues to express his distaste with his mother-in-law and how she is never held accountable for her offenses. This begins to annoy Kandi who refuses to check her mother on his behalf. Peter and Cynthia try to advise them on situation, having gone through a similar situation with her mother and sister just before their wedding. The next day Kandi and Todd have dinner with Sharon who is outright irate with Mama Joyce’s comments about her and Kandi lying to Todd about it. She promises to confront and get physical with her if necessary for it. Kandi does not take lightly the comments about her mother and is upset Todd is allowing her to continue her rant. She hopes they can reconcile all the issues in their blended family, but the chances look bleak.


Allow me to say this seriously PETER THOMAS NEEDS TO STAY OUT OF THE WOMENS’ BUSINESS! Nene and Cynthia seemed to be taking the first steps toward reconciliation and then he blows in with his negativity and pretty much puts that in jeopardy. If what Nene says is true, that Cynthia had a delayed reaction to her problem with Nene and decided to address it on the reunion special, then she is dead wrong. You do not publicly embarrass friends. Real friends would have pulled her to the side, addressed the issue, and squashed it without their significant others getting involved. As for Todd, again we are sorry for the loss of your mother.



Next Week—> Phaedra laments over Apollo

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