The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “Puerto Read-co”

It is vacation time for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” as Demetria surprisingly treats them all to an all expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico to see her performance. Kandi meets with Demetria and apologizes for Goshay’s outburst at her party. Demetria reveals she respects Kandi and follows her career. They discuss performing. Claudia, embarassed by her feet, goes to see a podiatrist to help her out with the feet. They are bad! Covered with corns and bunions on each toe! Naturally, Kenya pokes fun at her. The doctor tells her she will need corrective surgery and have to wear special shoes as they heal. She opts to get the surgery after the trip. Later, Nene and Phaedra go to see Demetria at the studio while she records a new song. There, Nene offers her some relationship advice concerning Roger Bobb,  telling her  to let him chase her a little more. Demetria tells them Roger and Goshay hooked up while the two of them were on break so she had nothing to be mad about. Phaedra questions her career, asking her has she ever done crack since she played a crackhead. She even questions is she too old to be a pop star! Kenya visits Cynthia at The Bailey Agency, hoping hr assistant, Carlton, can help her find a personal assistant. She and Cynthia discuss Nene’s antics at Kandi’s party and decide they are done with her flip-flopping with them. They decide to have fun in Puerto Rico, despite what persona Nene shows up with.



The ladies all make their way to Puerto Rico, Kandi and Porsha arrive first with Demetria. There, they pick rooms and discuss Phaedra’s shady attitude with her. Both of them try to tell her she is not being serious, but Demetria is clearly bothered by it. When Claudia, Cynthia, and Kenya arrive she tells them the predicament too. Kenya advises her to shut Phaedra down! Nene and Phaedra finally arrive and meet Demetria as she prepares to get ready for dinner. They find her to be quite stunning, Phaedra tells her stylist they like that particular outfit on her. He takes offense, calling her “late, old, and dry.” Demetria shows them to their rooms, which they find to be small. When they meet up with Porsha they all dish about Demetria’s stylist making fun of her outfit with with the side boob and shiny skirt.


At dinner, the ladies almost immediately begin to throw shade and Demetria decides then and there to confront Phaedra. She reminds the prim and proper lawyer, of her own relationship issues and blasts her for discussing her age and carer. Phaedra, naturally, fires back and calls her out on what she believes are insecurities. The two end the conversation on bad terms, but side conversations on continue between Phaedra, Nene, and Porsha. There is a clear divide among the ladies at this point. Claudia steps in and tells them to be direct with their issues instead of being catty. Then it gets real as she and Nene begin to read one another. Claudia attacks her looks and acting career, while she harps on her reputation in Los Angeles. Everyone is silent as the two go toe to toe, with Claudia gaining the upperhand!

"All Star Celebrity Apprentice" Finale

Bravo Claudia! BRAVO! It is time Nene be put in her place. The reads in the episode were everything. However, Phaedra needs to have a stadium of seats. With everything she has going against her right now she should be silent. She is the easiest target in the room. By the way, when did she and Nene become such good girlfriends? As for Porsha you have been demoted, divorced, and disrespected over the course of two seasons. Be silent and get a check for those bags! Girl, you need income!


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