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Relationship Rules: The Tea

From Snapchat to Instagram and Twitter, social media has taken over what people think the do’s and don’ts are of relationships. Everyone wants to be relationship goals!  Relationships are not picture perfect, though. Back in the day, people did not have Facebook and Instagram to compare their lives to others. Every relationship is different; I decided to do a few polls on Twitter to see what my followers’ points of view regarding certain aspects of dating are in this social media and smartphone era.

The Waiting Game (Sex Edition)

The old saying goes that a man will respect you more the longer you make him wait for you. The new saying is a man is going to do what he wants regardless. Well, the majority vote says it doesn’t matter! Here’s my take on it: In the grand scheme of things it does matter. But a man will do what he wants to do anyway. He can be having sex with someone else while you’re making him wait. But that doesn’t mean you should rush into having sex with him to keep his attention. Go at your own pace. 67 votes/24% it matters/76% it doesn’t

couple love sex
Image: xclusivethoughts.com

Is This a Date or Nah?

A date usually consists of some sort of activity where you spend time with someone you find attractive. The guy picks the girl up and pays for the outing and then takes the girl home. But is it still a date if he doesn’t have a car and pays for the date? The majority say it’s still a date. In my opinion, it depends. If you’re young and in college, then it can still be considered a date. You have to get it how you live! If you’re 23+ then you’re too old to be getting picked up, homie. 77 votes/88% still a date/12% no it’s not

dating couple relationship
Image: mijitamag.co.za

It’s Time for a Relationship

You should get to know someone before getting into a relationship with them for sure. But no one has time to talk for 3 years. So how long should you talk? Most people voted 3-5 months. I agree. If the bond is strong enough, you’ll know if you want to give things a chance with that person. If things don’t work out you can always break up! 81 votes/67% 3-5 months/22% 6-8 months/11% 9 months-year

dating talking
Image: aceshowbiz.com

Who Are You Talking To (Literally)?

While in the talking stage, some people consider it disrespectful to talk to someone else. Some people think since they’re not in a relationship they can do their thing. Over half of the people agreed it is okay to deal with other people if it’s understood. I agree; if you don’t want me talking to other people then let me know. If I’m on the same wave, then I won’t. 62 votes/11% yes/31% no/58% if understood, yes

talking beyonce
Image: jadeafrican.com

Love Triangles, Kinda.

Some people find it hard to get past the fact that a person they like used to be involved with or liked someone they’re cool with. It can make things awkward. There was a close call but most people feel it’s okay to talk to that person if nothing happened. It depends on how cool the two people are. if they only say hi and bye then who cares? If they’re decent friends and hang out then don’t do it. 53 votes/55% do it/45% don’t do it

friends dating
Image: singleblackmale.org

Texting Your Boo

You want to hear from your boo but you don’t want to text first. So, what do you do? Who texts first? Almost everyone agreed that both people should make an effort to text first. I think in the beginning; the guy should text first to confirm interest. After that, it’s fair game and both shouldn’t care. 44 votes/5% guy first/95% both text

texting relationship
Image: blavity.com

Snapchat Meanings

Someone you used to talk to still follows you on Snapchat and they watch almost all of your stories. Maybe they want you back, maybe they don’t. The majority think they don’t want you, get over yourself. They still want you or find you attractive in my opinion. They want to know what you’re doing since they’re watching all of your stories. 40 votes/28% they want you/72% it doesn’t matter

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Image: now.ruelala.com



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