Remembering Whitney Houston


Akeem J.

Fashion & Beauty Editor

In many ways the world is still silently mourning Whitney Houston. Clips showcasing that dazzling smile and ballistic voice regularly float across social media feeds, allowing us to recall the incredible artist that Whitney Houston was, and in some small way to relive what we felt when she sang. 13_1991.04.24_whitney_houston_hilton_29_c

Her voice is difficult to define, because it was so rare and transcended more than ability. Whitney’s celestial range, immaculate control and ability to connect with her audience put her in a category reserved for very few. Perhaps Whitney’s signature ability was to make songs unsingable once she’d put that special touch to them.

Coming from an obvious fan perspective, songs like I Have Nothing, All the Man I Need, and most notably I Will Always Love You are best retired.

It’s difficult for a number of reasons to hear someone else sing a Whitney Houston song.

As unforgiving as social media can be, it ironically allows us to experience Whitney’s best material, which often shadowed her studio work.

Platforms like YouTube have preserved priceless Houston moments that display Whitney’s best live performances over the three decades of her career. We forget how fragile life is while caught in the awe of celebredom. February 11th marks 4 years since we lost one of the most important female voices in the history of music. Perhaps the saddest part of Whitney’s passing is that her catalog is relatively lean in contrast to some of her contemporaries a la Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. Nonetheless, her legacy stands as an example of what aspiring and popular artists should strive to achieve. Check out a few of Whitney’s best live performances, and tell us which is your favorite.

All The Man I Need

I Have Nothing

The Greatest Love of All


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