Revlon By Marchesa: High Fashion For Your Nails

I am in love! I am in love! Revlon has tapped into the world of high fashion with their Revlon By Marchesa line. The line was inspired by eight exquisite runway looks and will include two additional collections to be released in 2014. “Through Revlon’s incredible global reach, we will be able to bring a little piece of Marchesa to women around the world,” says Georgina.

The eight-piece set includes opulent colors, jeweled mosaics and metallic details, each mirroring a specific gown. Every package ($9.99) contains 18 strips to fit most nail sizes. Just press the fitted appliqués to each nail, file them down, and you’re ready to go with no dry time necessary.



Check out an interview did with  co-founders of the label, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig

How did you decide which dresses were worthy of being worn on fingertips?

KC: It was quite a hard decision, but we whittled it down. We obviously didn’t want any of them to cannibalize each other, so each one has it’s own feeling, with different colors and textures.

What aspects of your design aesthetic were you specifically looking to translate onto stickers?

GC: For us, it was about getting the intricacies of the embroideries onto the nail, and what we’re really thrilled about is how they’ve managed to achieve this—if you feel them, they’re very 3-D. As Keren said, it was about finding embroideries that represented [various] parts of Marchesa, so that each [pattern] had a different point of view.

I know we’re here to talk about nails, but those temporary tattoos that made their way down your Spring 2014 runway, are those coming to the masses anytime soon?

KC: Oh, that would be fun! GC: But you’ll have to ask Revlon, and Scott [Campbell].

So, should we expect to see nail appliqués backstage that match your designs next season?

KC: Maybe. Oh my, that’s right around the corner.

Is this your solution for every woman who dreams of wearing one of your dresses?

KC: What’s fun about them is that they’re great with just a jean and a T-shirt.

True—for those days you can’t saunter down the street in a ball gown.






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