Rich Dollaz Jailed For Back Child Support!

Looks like Richie Rich and Dollaz Unlimited maybe not be so rich after all as the Love & Hip Hop star has been jailed yet again for not paying child support.


According to TMZ, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office in New Jersey picked up Dollaz on two outstanding warrant charges. One for owing a little under $12,000 in child support and the other for $188,000 – Mona MUST not be paying enough!

He was picked up this past Thursday and still remains in custody.

If you weren’t aware, Richie was just locked up in October for not paying child support by the Hudson County Sherriff’s Office – they seem to like locking him up. He was arrested at that time for owing $11,000 in back support.


Richie Rich isn’t the first Love and Hip Hop reality star to go to jail for unpaid child support. Stevie J was arrested for allegedly owing MILLIONS in unpaid child support.

Geesh! I don’t know why it’s so hard for these men to pay child support so that their kids are taken care of. Who knows how much longer Richie will be sitting in jail. Better start handing out those child support checks!

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