Rich Homie Quan Turns Himself In After Assaulting a Bouncer in Miami


Well Rich Homie Quan has finally turned himself in to authorities after allegedly punching a Miami bouncer at LIV nightclub after being denied entry then escaping on a speedboat.

The rapper, who is now in custody, is being charged with misdemeanor battery after turning himself into the Miami Beach Police Department.


Reports say that during the incident, RHQ screamed, “I’m Rich Homie Quan and I’m a rich millionaire, bitch” before punching the bouncer – taking a note from Yeezus, huh RHQ?

Quan denies that the incident ever happened and says that he on a yacht the entire time stating that the allegations are bogus.

We’ll see what happens with this situation but it’s kind of hard to believe that RHQ would punch a bouncer (who differs in body size) and the bouncer doesn’t bother to chase or grab him before he supposedly ran off in a speedboat. At least there was no other alleged injuries or crimes committed, like someone being stabbed or shot.

Catch the video of him turning himself in here.

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