Rihanna Arrives 3 Hours Late To Boston Concert With No Remorse

Rihanna shows up 3 hours late to her concert in Boston and nobody knows why? One of the biggest speculations behind her tardiness is that she was watching a basketball game. Boston fans were forced to wait for the Barbados songtress and then had to sit through a piss-poor performance. Apparently, RiRi was not on stage for that long and lip-synced the majority of the time. She was eventually booed by the angry crowd; they had enough of the foolishness. Even though fans booed RiRi, she seemed to not take it personal.

I do not know if her recent breakup with on and off again boo, Chris Brown, is really getting to her or if she really was watching a basketball game, but she needs to get it together. There is no excuse why people pay money to see an entertainer perform and they are 3 hours LATE! Furthermore, the fact that RiRi did not seem to show any remorse is a shame.