Rihanna + Fashion Empire = YES PLEASE!


This Bajan beauty wasn’t joking when she said her reign just won’t let up! According to recent trademark documents filed, Rihanna is planning to take over the fashion, beauty, lingerie, and technology industries. And she’s going to do it all under the Fenty name–her last name, if you didn’t know! We’re not sure just yet what Rihanna is up to, but whatever it is, we’re excited about it!

Her and her team purchased trademarks for just about any product under the sun, all branded by her family’s namesake. She’s made sure to cover EVERYTHING with this one! Future products that can be expected from Rih’s empire will be under Fenty Apparel, Fenty Beauty, Fenty Clothing, Fenty Cosmetics, Fenty Face, Fenty Intimates, Fenty Lingerie, Fenty Makeup, Fenty Nails, Fenty Swim, Fenty Swimwear, Boomflick, Fenty Corp, Robyn, Fenty 88, and Rhi Rhi. Rihanna is already a branding powerhouse, constantly in collaboration with major brands, with MAC currently being a success. She definitely knows how to sell a product! We’re can’t wait to see what is to come from the Fenty empire that Rihanna is building!





However, one thing that we question is if her image and navy of fans will be enough to keep her Fenty empire afloat..?  Remember Beyoncé’s House of Dereon, Jennifer Lopez’s Sweet Face line, or Kanye’s debut as a designer back in 2011? Those didn’t end up being so hot. But maybe Rihanna and her team have a strategy for success in the works. Who knows?! And If Jessica Simpson can do it, there’s hope yet for the Fenty brand, right? But if all else fails, Rihanna could always look into getting a Hollywood gaming app trademark! We hear that there’s a pretty good bit of money there!

What do you all think of Rihanna’s branding move? Are you looking forward to seeing what comes out of the Fenty empire? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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